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Lenovo @E3 - Submit your questions here!

Hey Legioners!


Our Lenovo Legion engineers will be answering any technical questions you have around our newly announced redesigned Legion gaming computers.




If you have any question please submit it to this thread, I will be taking them and passing them to our engineers.


Thank you to all in advance for your questions and I wish you a Happy E3!



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Re: Lenovo @E3 - Submit your questions here!

Where is the Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU for the new laptops?

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Re: Lenovo @E3 - Submit your questions here!

What is the official recommendation for driver updates? Only from Lenovo or can we install manufacturer drivers as well (from nvidia or amd)?


Lenard | (I am a Lenovo INsider - a volunteer and not a Lenovo employee) | @lenardg
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Re: Lenovo @E3 - Submit your questions here!

See, there's a few issues with always doing driver updates.


In actuality, there's only three reasons to update your drivers:


1) Security Fixes


2) Optimizations / Bug Fixes


3) Performance Gains


In my experience, updating NVIDIA drivers specifically doesn't always equal a functionality or performance increase. My general rule is to follow the OEM drivers for 2-3 years, then start updating with the chip manufacturer's, unless there are critical flaws in the OEM driver.

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