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Audio Problem: Extremely loud noise from HMD-Audio-Port

2019-08-08, 13:35 PM


First of all, I want to say that this is a new thread for an existing problem, just with new information and better formatting.


Some Info on my HMD: I recently purchased a Lenovo Explorer HMD of off eBay (brand new and fully sealed).


The Problem:


From time to time the audio on my headphones (I am using the NUBWO N7) becomes suddenly extremely loud and distorted. I can temporarily fix this by unplugging the headphones from the jack and plugging it right back in. The real problem here is, that the Problem re-occurs quite often: On some days, the problem does not even occur once, while on others I can´t wear the headphone for more than a minute without getting my ears "blasted off". It's really annoying.


The Lenovo Explorer is connected to my PC through:



- 30 cm HDMI 2.1 4K Shielded Cable > CSL HDMI 2.0 Repeater (powered with 5V 1A via. USB) > 5m 2.1 4K Shielded HDMI Cable > HMD

--> No problems with visuals! No stutter, "blackouts" or noticeable delay. HMD is running on 90Hz.



ASMedia® ASM1143 Chipset / USB 3.1 Gen2 ports > Goobay 95749 USB 3.0 Dual Power SuperSpeed Y-USB-Cable (Data-Plug in Gen2 Port, "Power-Plug" in USB 3.1 Gen1) > CSL-5m USB 3.0 Cable (active) > HMD

--> Windows Mixed Reality "Center" opens up directly after USB connection. No flickering etc. Tracking is solid.

--> Only problem: Audio (the reasond for this thread)


I think that the problem might be, as described here, insufficient power delivery to the HMD.


I have tried several things so far:


-Updating Windows / Drivers (Same result)

-Updating Steam VR (Same result)

-Updating Realtek USB 2.0 Audio Drivers (no luck here)

-Checking for connection issues or problems with USB 3.0 power. (nothing)

-Trying the headphones on a different device. (My phone)

-Trying different Headphones. (Same result as before)

-Updating Windows (several times)

-Trying different Ports on my PC (Mobo ist MSI X470 Gaming Pro with AMD Ryzen 2600X)

  --> (Only 2 out of 6 (alls USB 3.0 and higher) seem to work with the CSL extension cord.)

  --> The 2 working are the 2x USB 3.1 Gen2 ports Connected to the ASMedia® ASM1143 Chipset.

-Connecting the HMD directly to the front USB 3.0 Hub. (Works, though I did not "perform" a long-time test.)

-Reinstalling drivers.

-Connecting a 5V 0,550 Ampere DC PSU to the CLS-USB cable. (An 1A one is arriving in the next couple days)


Some Facts:

The headset is working very well overall. No Tracking Issues whatsoever. Audio-wise the Headphone port, as well as the integrated mic on the headphones, are working perfectly fine. (Except when the audio problem occurs.) The Mic doesn't seem to be affected by it at all. There is no visual "stutter" or "black-out" when the problems occurs. The problems can also be temporarily solved by changing settings in the "Windows Audio-Panel." (Like changing the bitrate) Another (also temporarily) fix is to turn down the volume to 0, wait 30 seconds and turn the volume back up. (In 90% the blaring-audio will return in a few seconds.)

There have been days where the problems did not occur even once!! (I have no clue why..)



I also went and took a look into the windows device manager again and saw that it says under events that there are further installations required. (I can post a picture later). After opening the event-manager it states that the installation of the driver "usbaudio2.inf_amd64_4c2dac5377dfa77c" was finished with code 0x0. I don't quite know what this could mean... is it an error-code or just another "end-code"?


I really hope that someone can help me with this very annoying problem. It has been stressing me for weeks now and I am quite desperate by now. Every Idea for a solution is greatly appreciated!!!


Many thanks in advance and with best regards,


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