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Fanfold Paper
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Green dots on Lenovo Explorer display

I did a mixed reality portal test which said my computer was ready for windows mixed reality.


So I purchased a Lenovo Explorer for the Holidays and opened up, began setup, updated my drivers and ran the mixed reality portal. Setup all went very smoothly and the WMR launched on plugging in. I had cables plugged firmly.


However, after 20 to 30 minutes of using the goggles, green dots appear in the virtual environments. The preview on screen does not show these effects. The dots aren't the typical dead pixels and they appear to stay in position in virtual space rather than follow my head. They stay along shadows or corners, and after around 2 to 3 minutes of these effects, the screen turns black. It flicks on and off, and the preview still has tracking.


This makes me hesitant to invest money in vr apps or headset accessories, because I can't get very much mileage without shutting down and restarting my computer. It becomes tedious and annoying having to constantly reset. I dread the possibility that my computer is the issue but I definitely think the problem could be fixed with software. Any solutions?

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎01-05-2019
Location: US
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Re: Green dots on Lenovo Explorer display


-I have a Dell Inspiron 5577

Nvidia Gtx 1050Ti

Intel Core I7 processor

8 gb of ram

And an integrated graphics card Intel Graphics HD 620


- I have the laptop set to prioritize using the nvidia gtx card with WMR but if it is somehow switch to the integrated graphics I haven't noticed


-I have been made aware that the gpu doesn't run on full ability if the laptop is on battery and not full. I have not yet tested on it fully charged and plugged in.


-I don't know how to check which graphics card is connected to the hdmi port on the side of my laptop



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