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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Explorer - My Story if full of mistakes

Hello Everybody. I would like to tell you my story. Everything started some time ago when I bought Lenovo Explorer. To make it work I had to change my graphics card. I bought XFX 290x which was my firs mistake. After hours/days/weeks/months of trying to make it work I deceided to contact Geoff from Microsoft who is responsible for Mixed Reality Development. He was very helpful but even with his advice I couldn't make my lenovo explorer to work. I bought Club3D HDMI 2 DP adapter I bought Plugable HDMI 2 DP adapter and I tried various different adapters as well. Nothing has worked for me but I deceided to wait a little bit because this problem was taking a lot of my time and I had other things to do in my life. I wanted to go back to this problem some other day and start again from scratch, but again I was wrong. 2 days ago I bought another graphics card that is compatibile with lenovo explorer (GTX 1060). Guess what? It still does not work! I am proud to announce that there is no one better than myself in spending money trying to fix this VR headset. I spent over £500 and for this price I would get another headset. Now I am sure that the headset is faulty. Guess what? The warrenty expired one month ago. So this is the end of my sad journey with Lenovo Explorer. We did explore a lot of problems and sad moments together so the name of that device is correct.


The last funny thing is that I bought this headset with intention of using it to work, not for gaming. I have rare eye condition and VR is perfect solution for my problem. Unfortunately I couldn't use it so I am stuck with my desktop monitor. I could buy another headset but after what happened to me I am scared to invest more money in VR. 


I would like to advise all of you, If you experience problems with black screen, just return your device. It is pointless trying to fix it becuse it is highly likely faulty unit.


I will wirte a rubbish question to make this post valid to be in this section.


I have a problem. My lenovo explorer is looking at me through those cameras and I feel under constant monitoring. Doi you guys think that I should cover them with a piece of electrical tape when I am not using it? Thanks for your comments!

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Explorer - My Story if full of mistakes

How did your warrenty run out so quickly? 

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