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Paper Tape
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Re: IFA 2016: YOGA Book


can I use the GPS-Function without WLAN or a Sim Card? And does the YOGA Book support e-compass apps?

Kind regards



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Re: IFA 2016: YOGA Book

According to the PSREF documentation on the Yoga Book, all models support GPS functions, so it is not dependent on the optional WWAN/Sim hardware. And the Android models support e-compass apps.


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Re: IFA 2016: YOGA Book

There is a very nice article with a video in the Community Spotlight showing a novelist writer reviewing the Yoga Book by using it for writing, notes taking, and illustrating: link

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Re: Lenovo Yoga Book: clarification on pen input for the screen panel

@ralexand56 wrote:


WTH! This review says there will be no sim card slot for the US version. Really think this is misleading marketing by Lenovo because they taughted this when introducing the product. Does anyone know the situation because I need to cancel my order if there isn't a SIM card slot.


And can someone update these tech specs to make it clear the US models don't support 4G/LTE:

It is actually true, the Lenovo Yoga Book user guide has this disclaimer: "Lenovo YB1-X91L supports LTE Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 28, 38, 39, 40, and 41; but in some countries LTE is not supported. To know if your device works with LTE networks in your country, contact your carrier."


For the Android and Windows versions the model with mobile internet is Lenovo YB1-X91L. The model without mobile internet (only with wi-fi) is  Lenovo YB1-X91F. Careful with regards to that difference when buying the new product. All the other specs should be the same.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: IFA 2016: YOGA Book

Yoga Book is awesome except that wrong people have been reviewing this unit. None of them seem to understand the potential of this device let alone understanding what having a portable graphics tablet means really. I can write a detailed review of how amazing this device is if I had the Windows version as well. I just have the Android one here.


On the other hand I am really disappointed that Lenovo did not offer a dual boot version. I want both the Android and the Windows version and I cant afford to buy 2 devices, let alone the stupidity of carrying 2 devices at the same time. Please create an update so that we could install multiple OS on this device. I would not  mind paying extra $100 to get a dual boot version. Anyway please offer some kind of boot unlocking or servicing option so that we can get dual boots. Even cheap Chinese tablets offer dual (Windows and Android) nowadays. It is really sad to  see that Lenovo created a product that is not achieving that level of comfort.



Again, this device is KICK ASS, let people with real professional digital art experience review this.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: IFA 2016: YOGA Book

I just wanna say I LOVE THIS DESIGN. Many reviews online didnt liked the Halo Keyboard but i think its just something new that people are still not used to. I love the Halo Keyboard. It also acts as a mouse pad and the pen as mouse not just a wacom digitizer, only it dont have left and right click.

Im just hoping it would get better in terms of performance and memory that could compete with microsoft and apple products. But i still love them. This is real innovation! You are the real innovator lenovo team!


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