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Impressions from IFA 2016

The IFA Adventure


This year was the first year I got to attend IFA and all I can say is wow!




We visited the event from the 2-4th of September 2016. During this visit we got to see the product that stole the show and the imagination of the whole industry, The Yoga Book.


Optimized-IMG_2494 1 (1).JPG

Hi Lenovo Forums!


Berlin was a very welcoming city and they actually offered transportation from the Airport to the show, via a shuttle for free.


After arriving in Berlin I made my way to the shuttle and got in. I thought it was a bit weird that it was a bit small and everyone else was speaking Philipino but paid no attention to that, I was pumped for day 1 of IFA. Well it turns out the minibus was parked in the wrong place and this was a private tour of Philipino visitors to Germany Smiley Very Happy


After boarding the correct bus I made my way to IFA:



Everyone and their grandmother wanted a selfie with the IFA sign 


The venue was Berlin ExpoCenter City, and one of the only complaints I have from the show is the fact that it is not an easy place to orientate yourself. It is a maze of buildings and at times it makes you can get lost but overally the venue was only a minor thing.


This is how IFA was organized:



 Lenovo had one of the biggest  booths located next to the Eiffel Tower


Lenovo's booth was one of the most impressive. It was quite large and if I may say it was bigger than the one at MWC. The products really had enough room to shine.

Where did everyone go?



 The booth from a secret NSA surveillance point 


The main stage was also great, regularly we would engage customers and sometimes even give away some Lenovo goodies:


 These are not the droids you are looking for!


The inside of the booth was just as cool as well however, most of the public did not get to see it:


IMG_2532 1-min.JPGIMG_2533-min.JPG

YY greated everyone brave enough to venture upstairs



Pokemon hunting did take place


IMG_2537 1-min.JPG

Sally, my usual


The main show floor had many cool things besides the products. One of my favorites was the Social Wall.



 who is that handsome guy in the top left corner?


All social posts hashtagged with #lenovoIFA would show up there and it really motivated people to want to share content.


One of the bests things connected with the social wall was the fact that you could get your social posts printed out via a very cool social printer.


This was the final result after posting:



 Medion powered by Tasurinchi


The highlight of the show for me was the Yoga Book, as mentioned before.


Optimized-IMG_2487.JPGOptimized-IMG_2490 1.JPGOptimized-IMG_2495 1.JPG

 How in the world can I get my hands on one of these now?


It was just a beauty. One of the funniest stories of the show floor was me going around recording and stopping at one of the tables that had the Yoga Book. There we had a crew of Rede Globo, A powerhouse television broadcaster in South America and one of them turns to his colleagues and says “Dios mio, estos de Lenovo, solo ellos tienen los huevos de sacar algo asi, el nivel de inovacion,” which roughly translates to “Jesus, Lenovo are the only ones with the ‘balls’ to take something like this out, what a level of innovation.”




 shut up and take my money


An interesting and very popular thing was the fact that Lenovo had a caricature artist on site. He was creating custom made caricatures for everyone who wanted. It was one of the most popular things there after the Yoga Book.


 Creepy guy filming 


Even our CEO had a cartoon made (I also couldnt resist):



 Hopefully the L doesnt stand for Loser


Aside from the Yoga Book we had a strong presence from Lenovo Gaming and from Motorola and other devices such as the Yoga 910 but this was really all that everyone spoke about.



 Ridiculously photogenic curly hair guy



Go go power rangers!


This show was open to the public and you could really see people's reaction when trying out our products, it was really a new experience for me and really enjoyed seeing how all the hard work of our engineers pays off at the end.


I came back with someone goodies, I will send a few of them to some of the people that take the time to reply or add a comment here Smiley Very Happy



 I hope Marketing doesnt read this blog cause I totally just stole all of this.



 Though the Yoga Book was amazing, the true highlight of the journey was a chance to meet some of the Lenovo Insiders and Forum Advocates. Putting a face to a name and getting to know them was an honor.



our love for the brand unites all


Here is a short video we recorded together:


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Re: Impressions from IFA 2016

Very well sums up the Lenovo @ IFA experience. Lenovo stole the show at IFA 2016. Most journalists selected the Yoga Book as the tablet and product of IFA 2016. Most journalists also selected the Yoga 910 as the laptop of IFA 2016.


I honestly think the Moto Z Play was the phone of IFA 2016 as well, however, the media already felt a bit overwhelmed giving all the awards to Lenovo. Still, some media also gave the mobile phone of the show to Moto Z Play. Great stuff!


I definitely agree that the major and only let down at IFA 2016, was the lack of any clear directions and confusing maze-like setup of the show. The only other complaint is that it was closing at 6pm, while there was still so much left to see.


Picture: Lenovo's Yoga Book Area @ IFA 2016

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-02 at 22.38.15 (5).jpeg

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Re: Impressions from IFA 2016

Great wrap up Miguel! Smiley Happy


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Re: Impressions from IFA 2016



Agreed, I am still in love with Yoga Book. By the way it was a pleasure to get to meet you Smiley Happy


Next time ty si na Slovensko write me so we can go for a pivo Smiley Very Happy




Thank you Smiley Very Happy and appreciate all of your help with recording.

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Re: Impressions from IFA 2016

Awesome read mate!


A joy to read your experience. Sad we couldn't meet there this time...


The devices were a great wow factor.


Did you further play with the Phab2Pro?


That YogaBook is awsome. Would you take Windows or Android and why?


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Re: Impressions from IFA 2016

Thanks so much Miguel for sharing your experience at IFA.


Great to see all those super Insiders. 

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Re: Impressions from IFA 2016



Thank you both, didnt spend a lot of time there but made the best of the few days.

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