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Reach a completely new World with Lenovo Explorer Hands-on @ IFA 2017 #AR #VR



this post is about my first personal #AR #VR or as Windows calls it, Mixed Reality experience. I can say it was mind blowing! 


Because of that, I did collect as much information as possible in this post and put it in here, plus my own experiences with Lenovo Explorer.


What I did?

I walked through a house, using teleporting technologies and played the Game Space Pirate Lunar, using the motion controllers within a Windows Mixed Reality sphere.


Windows Mixed Reality what´s it for? 

You can watch movies and TV in your own personal theater, work in your private office, travel the world through the Windows store. Microsoft has also announced Steam VR content will run on Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

It is to be expected that there will be plenty of content to choose from, including AAA Games like Halo VR, SuperHot VR.


Mixed Reality will be availiable through the Windows Fall Creators Update, it will be available worldwide October 17. 


A picture of Lenovo Explorer stand @ IFA 





The Lenovo Explorer Headset.




The designers and engineers seem to put great care into its ergonomics, balancing the weight from front to back.

And at 380 grams, Explorer is significantly lighter than its usual rivals. It feels very comfortable and light weight even if you wear eye glasses.


What sets Lenovo Explorer apart from more established rivals like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive or Paystation VR? 


The simulation looked very real, everything worked smoothly, using this headset, I couldn´t see any pixels. I think it is because of the superior resolution which is QHD+ 2880 x 1440 against the FHD+ 2160 x 1200 offered by both Oculus and Vive or the Playstation VR with only FHD 1920 x 1080.


It should be easy to set up, just connect it using a single Y cable per HDMI und USB to your Lenovo (or, if you must, non-Lenovo) Windows 10 PC and you’re off and running.  


The Lenovo Explorer’s optional motion controllers lets you take natural and fine-grained actions in mixed reality.




I did like how they feel and the ergonomics. I found especially the fire buttons were very usefull to fight against the Drones in Spare Pirate Lunar. But there are also a drag and drop button and what I would call the "HELP" button, which takes you out of the virtual world back to Windows, if needed. Smiley Very Happy


The motion controllers worked precisely and allows you to either craft tools or weapons in your favorite game or drag and resize images in PowerPoint. You can simply choose your existing an Xbox controller for easy navigation for certain VR games. It is also possible to use it with your keyboard and mouse.




They are easy to set up via Bluetooth connection. (at the IFA they used cables, because they want to reduce electromagnetic interferrences at the show)


The Lenovo Explorer lets you move around in an area of up to 3.5 by 3.5 meters. 


Within this space, you can hop, lunge or crouch, with the headset tracking your natural movements. You can lunge sideways to duck zombies in Arizona Sunshine or angle for a better view of the Incan ruins in Machu Picchu.


I did a video on how you move while playing and fighting with the Drones. Check out the Lenovo Explorer in action video @ the IFA below.



So you just need to take your headphones on and you can disapear from the reality. Smiley Very Happy


 The Lenovo Explorer is compatible with many affordable PCs. Check our if you PC is compatible:

Windows Mixed Reality minimum PC hardware compatibility guidelines


Pricing for the Lenovo Explorer and Motion Controllers will start at US $449, while retail pricing of the Lenovo Explorer without the Motion Controllers is $349. Pricing and availability may vary from country to country. Please refer to Lenovo’s online store in each country for local pricing. Global availability is expected in the coming weeks.




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