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LENOVO ideapad 310 keyboard freeze

2017-08-22, 16:05 PM



I recently got myself a LENOVO ideapad 310, like just about close to less than a month ago and have faced several issues. 


My cursor will start to become pixelated sometimes and become the normal cursor again, this has happened since the very beginning, but I chose to ignore it as it does not really affect much of my experience using this notebook. 


It was up until just now, when I decided to play a game of League of Legends (Its not very graphic intensive), that my keyboard suddenly malfunctioned in the middle of it. Not knowing what is the problem, I couldn't quit the game either as the game menu can only be accessed via the Esc key. The surface suddenly became quite hot and I forcefully turned off my laptop as I always believed that restarting your computer is always a solution. 


After the ideapad turned off, I couldn't turn it on for quite awhile, until I decided to hold the power button while it's off. It then turned on but it could not load past the LENOVO logo screen with the small circle at the bottom. After waiting for a good 30 minutes or so, I decided to turn it off once again and use the NOVO button. All while doing that, I had turned on a fan and blew at my laptop at max speed hoping it would cool down. 


After using the NOVO button and a few turn ons and offs, the laptop started working normally again, and here I am posting on the forums. 


There is no issue now, it's working perfectly fine. I have done a disk check, etc., but I want to know what exactly happened so I can prevent this from happening again in the future as well as contribute to the others who have faced the same issues as I did. 


Could it be due to the overheating that caused my keyboard to completely malfunction? Could it be a software/hardware issue? Or was there something that I needed to do or could have done? Please help, thank you so much!



Yours sincerely, 



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Re: LENOVO ideapad 310 keyboard freeze

2018-08-20, 16:55 PM
I am having the same issue. Keyboard and touchpad keeps on freezing. I had downloaded the latest driver but the issue still persist.
Any resolution for this?

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Re: LENOVO ideapad 310 keyboard freeze

2018-08-24, 2:07 AM

I just had this problem you and OP is describing exactly. What I did was pushing the NOVO button to open the laptop and then selected recovery, if you don't care about the files and programs you have on your laptop you can choose to restore from initial state, which will remove everything I suppose, and is a better option. But for me I went back and exited the recovery and then choose the reboot option, and then it automatically attempted repairing itself, it took like 2 hours but its working now.

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