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Microsoft Network Hosted Virtual Adapter Driver uninstalled

2016-09-06, 16:07 PM

The other day I went to start up my VPN Virtual AP for my Chromecast and iPad to connect to via my Windows 10 Machine using the following commands (have done this several times before and it has worked fine):

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NETWORKNAME key=PASSWORD
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

But to my nasty surprise, I was responded with:

The hosted network couldn’t be started. 
The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

Now I've looked everywhere online for a solution to my problem here. The underlying issue appears to be that my Microsoft Network Hosted Virtual Adapter Driver is missing in Device Manager (when showing hidden drivers). This appears to be a result of an update to my WLAN Adapter (Will list spec at end). Here are the following things I have tried:

  1. Looked for Microsoft Network Hosted Virtual Adapter Driver in Device Manager as a Hidden device - Not there.
  2. Disabled WLAN Adapter and Enabled to refresh drivers
  3. Scanned for Hardware changed in DM
  4. Tried rolling back WLAN Adapter to oldest version - 09/2015
  5. Updated WLAN Adapter to latest version - 23/08/2016
  6. Searched the Lenovo website for their default WLAN Adapter driver, downloaded and installed - but was the same one I had as my updated version
  7. Looked for older editions of the adapter, but they either installed but didn't have the Network Hosted Virtual Adapter, or weren't compatible with my machine.
  8. Restarted my machine after every change made to the network adapters
  9. Uninstalled LAN Adapter and reinstalled.

What I've read is that some of the new WLAN Adapters have stopped including the Network Hosted Virtual Adapter in their installation package. Not sure how true this is but it would explain the sudden uninstallation of it.

I think that's pretty much everything. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Machine Model: Lenovo 100-15IBD

WLAN Network Driver: Realtek PCI-E Wireless LAN Driver version 2023.37.0616.2016


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Re: Microsoft Network Hosted Virtual Adapter Driver uninstalled

2016-12-05, 23:24 PM

so sorry I faced similar problem with my g50-70. its simple, if it was working fine before upgrade to windows 10, simply go to the drivers section of lenovo, download the wlan drivers for windows 8.1, I discovered that windows 8.1 and windows 10 can share drivers, as their architecture is similar. when you download the drivers for win.8.1, uninstall the network drivers from your device manager (Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC) uninstall the windows 10 version of that, open your command prompt as admin (windows key + x), scroll to command prompt Admin, type in netsh wlan show drivers. the system should return (no drivers found). restart the system,. now extract the windows 8.1 wlan drivers you downloaded, after extraction, if you try to run it straight, it will report error.

go to the folder you extracted it to, open each folder, and run the set up files, till you are done. finaly restart the system. go back to command prompt as admin, type  netsh wlan show drivers, then it should indicate yes for the drivers, and then you should be able to start hostednetwork when you type netsh wlan start hostednetwork.....


Any further trouble contact me via my mail



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Re: Microsoft Network Hosted Virtual Adapter Driver uninstalled

2017-02-24, 10:02 AM

Hello I gotta the same problem which missing Microsoft Network Hosted Virtual Adapter in the my device manager, and this is my device manager, so how can I do?

which one will I uninstall or install,and some steps I should do




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Re: Microsoft Network Hosted Virtual Adapter Driver uninstalled

2017-08-19, 21:04 PM

I know I wont get any reply either from Lenovo or Microsoft, so I managed to get a solution myself. If you recall, there is a folder with the stock drivers in Ideapad device you purchased. In that, there are stock drivers for your device, even for older version of windows. All you have to do is open Device Manager, go to Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter under Network Adapters, right click > Properties > Drivers Tab > Update Driver. Here, select the "Browse my computer for device software". Over there, select "Let me pick up from a list of drivers available in my computer". After that, click "Have Disk", navigate to this folder of stock drivers. In that folder, you will find a folder named "Wlan". In that, open the "Driver Only" folder, in that, open the "Win8.1" folder, select "win32" or "x64" according to the architecture of your device (win32 is 32-bit devices and x64 is 64-bit devices). Inside there, you will find a file named "netathrx.inf". Select that, and then click next and wait for the driver to install. Once done installing, disable and enable the Qualcomm Atheros device and you are good to go. Open command prompt with ADMINISTRSATOR rights and type "netsh wlan show driver". If it says "Hosted network support: Yes", you have succeeded and now can create a wifi hotspot using hosted network. Only drawback is that you are on an older version of the WLAN driver but it doesnt have any bugs or problems so it doesnt matter, atleast you will be getting hosted network support until Lenovo provides an update for the same.

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