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Fanfold Paper
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SOLVED Keyboard and Touchpad don't work / Ideapad 100S

*************** SOLVED *************

Hi there !


I really need your help this is very concerning.

My PC is an Ideapad 100S-14IBR.


While I was typing some text in college, my hardware (touchpad and keyboard) stopped responding and the text editor kept on writing the last key I pressed, as if kept it pressed. Not concerned, I just hard rebooted because I was stuck. This hasn't solved the issue, both my touchpad and keyboard are still unresponsive. When booting, pressing F12 to acces boot menu doesn't work either (used to work). The keyboard isn't even recognised in boot... this makes me think the problem is a lot more serious thant what I thought


At home, I did a complete reinstall of the system with a USB keyboard and mouse plugged after saving my works. Reinstalling didn't solve the problem, the touchpad and keyboard still don't work. I checked and I have both mouse and keyboard drivers, all up to date. The Windows Diagnosing Utility didn't find anything. Lenovo System Update doesn't give me any result too.

How can I fix this please ? Help will be greatly appreciated. I need this computer for work :/




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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 5
Location: FR
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Re: Keyboard and Touchpad don't work / Ideapad 100S

Oh don't mind.

I did the "power off the computer and press the power button for 15 sec" trick.

It worked ! Sorry for the annoyance !

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