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Touchpad Pinch Zoom Problem on Lenovo Edge 15

2015-08-18, 4:49 AM

Is there a way to reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad and/or disable the zoom feature of the touchpad without disabling the touchpad entirely? Over the years, with my other laptop, I grew used to using my right hand to move the pointer while using my left hand to click my selection, so I often have both hands resting on the touchpad. It's second nature, and a hard habit to break. This is a problem on my Lenovo Edge 15 touchpad, because having my left hand anywhere near the touchpad while moving the pointer around with my right hand, I keep inadvertently activating the zoom in/out feature. I do rely on the touchpad quite a bit, so I don't want to turn it off, but the constant zooming issue is really affecting my productivity. Every minute or two, I'm having to stop and Ctrl+0 to get the screen back to normal magnification. I don't see a simple way to fix this in my mouse/touchpad settings. Thanks.


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Re: Touchpad Pinch Zoom Problem on Lenovo Edge 15

2016-01-04, 21:31 PM

I hope you've figured this out by now and aren't still having this problem. I figured I'd post anyway in case other people are searching for an answer and having trouble finding it. The zoom was driving me insane also and I finally found an answer on another forum. I have a Lenovo G50, but it's likely the problems would be resolved similarly. 


Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Mouse (or just search for "Mouse" in your Cortana search bar).


Open Mouse Properties and navigate to the far right tab where your touchpad driver is listed, I'm assuming many of us Lenovo users have the same driver but mine is "Elan". Under where the device is listed there are buttons: Enable Device, Stop Device, Options. Or yours may say "Advanced Settings" instead of Options. Open Opions/Settings. 


Find the Multi-Finger tab and location the Zooming option. Check the Disable button (or slow zoom rate if you prefer). Click Apply ...and it's fixed!


I'm so much happier now that my screen isn't constantly zooming in and out. My left hand constantly bumps the touchpad and the zooming was NOT working for me. 



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Re: Touchpad Pinch Zoom Problem on Lenovo Edge 15

2016-02-13, 16:50 PM

I will have to see if it works, but on my G50 I got through roughly the same route by clicking



mouse & touchpad

additional mouse options


multi finger

and uncheck enable box



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Re: Touchpad Pinch Zoom Problem on Lenovo Edge 15

2018-04-19, 16:55 PM

PLEASE HELP!  Very frustrated, just bough new Lenovo ideapad 320. Zoom feature is driving me crazy, constantly zooms out an in, highly sensitive. Want to DISABLE. How do I do this on this laptop?  Other instructions do not apply/work on this model!


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Re: Touchpad Pinch Zoom Problem on Lenovo Edge 15

2018-09-29, 0:13 AM

Hi to all!
Same problem here. The zooming drives me more crazy than any president ever can. ;)
Ideapad 330. W'10. I go to  mouse properties box ; ELAN tab, I find property box. But: no possibility to change any setting let alone the pinch zoom. Other options, please?

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