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Flex 14: Power State Failure message after Windows 8.1 upgrade


I tried upgrading my Flex 14's operating system to Windows 8.1 and started the process from the Windows store.


The download and installation steps were completed. I restarted my system and got the installation process status showing 100% completion.

I then restarted my system and there was a message that Windows was enabling, but this process stalled at 56% and my laptop then reverted to Windows 8.

The laptop then showed a Power State Failure error message.


What do I do?


The following steps could be a workaround to address the Power State Failure issue above.


1. Perform a clean boot (this is to ensure that non-microsoft running service/apps aren't causing the issue)

2. Disable all connected peripherals (mouse, external drives, etc.)

3. Run Windows Update to get the latest patch and bug fixes before running the Windows 8.1 upgrade from the Microsoft Store.


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Klitlyng On 2014-04-16, 6:48 AM
Hi, Have you had any solution to this? I have a 1 month old Flex 14. It has been upgraded to Win 8.1. Several times a day I get blue screen with 'driver_power_state_faliure' I can't find any pattern and I could be using any program. Any good ideas of how to solve? Best Jørgen
Cleo_Lenovo On 2014-05-18, 14:59 PM
chamin On 2015-06-04, 19:29 PM

Hi I have a similar problem.  Mine is only a couple of months old Flex 2-15 which came with windows 8.1.  It frequently crashes giving me the blue screen with message 'driver_power_state_faliure'.  Has any solutions offered yet?

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