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Flex 2-15: Adobe Flash settings crash every time.

2014-10-09, 5:22 AM

I have a brand spankin new Flex 2-15, there's one problem.  When I try to go into the Adobe Flash Settings using any browser (Chrome, FireFoxl, or IE) I immediately get a window telling me that Adobe Flash has crashed.  I send off the error report, and try again.  Same result.


All I really want to do is switch from the built in camera to my external camera. 


I have done the following to try to troubleshoot this problem:


1)  Uninstalled Flash from FireFox, rebooted computer, downloaded and installed Flash for Firefox v15.0.0.183.  Tried to enter Flash Settings, Flash crashed.

2)  Checked for updates to Graphiocs adapter driver.  windows found Intel display adapter v  Installed that.

 Rebooted computer, tried to enter Flash settings, flash crashed.

3)  turned off the PepperFlash in Chrome, couldn't access website without having Flash enabled.. (I thought we could at one time have both PetterFlash and separate copy of Flash on Chrome, and we turned off PepperFlash if there were problems.  Guess that's not the case as I can't find a copy of Flash for Chrome any longer.)

4)  Flash on IE is like Flash on Chrome It's now pre-installed., Tried to enter Flash Settings from IE, and Flash Crashed.


In short Flash crashes whenever I try to enter Flash settings from any website. updating the graphics controller didn't help and re-installing Flash didn't cbange anything


Anybody have any suggestions.  This is getting really annoying.


Thanks Guys



"It's hard to tell when you don't know!" -  Emily Bronco


Lenovo Flex 2-15

Intel Core i-5-4210U CPU @1.70GHz

Intel HD Graphics Family

6.0 GB memory

Windows 8.1 64bit

Touch screen





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