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Ideapad 100-15isk Battery Not Detected

2020-09-19, 18:01 PM

I have been fighting with this laptop for several weeks now. The original battery was no longer charging and I have gotten several replacements with no luck. I found a lot of information about people having problems with 3rd party batteries. I returned them and I have since purchased a geninue Lenovo battery hoping it would resolve the issue. Unfortunately it has not. When first installed the battery was not recognized at all by the system. I unplugged and plugged it back in and windows will detected but said 255% charaged and would not charge it. When A/C adpapter was removed the laptop turned off completely. I turned it back on and still getting the same thing. I have tried removing the battery from device manager and rebooting computer. I have also tried downloading the newest version of Lenovo Vantange which shows the battery at 100% but offers no options for me to reset it. I have also tried updating the BIOS but the application does not detect the battery either. Im going crazy over here and would just like this laptop to work again properly on battery. Please help 


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Re:Ideapad 100-15isk Battery Not Detected

2020-09-24, 2:09 AM

Hello,  I had this same issue.  On a 110 system I installed a new battery, then the battery would not be recognized.  Eventually it started working.  My last session involved multiple steps without checking after each one, so I don't know if all of the steps are needed... :(


Have you tried going into Windows Settings Device Manager.  Then finding the battery device driver.  Then uninstalling all of the drivers listed for battery?  (there will be at least one for AC adapter, at least one for battery.  Sometimes there are more than one, uninstall all of them by right clicking and selecting uninstall from the tabs.  (Windows will restore them at the next boot.)


Then select SHUTDOWN command with the mouse.


Then after it is off, remove the power adapter, and remove it from a dock. Basically unplug everything, and make sure a Flash USB is not hidden inside the slot.


Then Firmly hold the power button down for 90 seconds.  (Documents often say shorter times, some even 10 seconds.  But if your box actually needs 10.3 seconds and you hold it down for only 10, oops.  90 seconds is sure to be long enough....)


Release the Power button.  (Did it start, if so HOORAY!! )


If it did not start, insert an energized power adapter and try the 90 second power button hold down again.  (Did it start?  if so HOORAY!)


The next step is to remove the battery connector from the mother board, and with the keyboard connected to the motherboard, press the power button for 90 seconds.  Then re-attach the battery and press power button for 90 seconds.  First without the power adapter connected, then with the power adapter connected.


On my 110 system, the keyboard was first to dissassemble, the battery last, BUT the battery connector to the motherboard was revealed after removing the keyboard, so quite a few screw removal and replacements were avoided by unplugging the battery terminal when it was first accessible.


You are using dissassembly processes documented within your System Hardware Manual? 


After uninstalling the drivers, unplugging the battery connector, then reassemble, my battery started working.  I hope yours does too!


Good Luck!


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