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Re: Ideapad 330 17ICH SSD Running Hot

2018-09-12, 13:19 PM

Got a lot on my mind, and the laptop's supposed to be much lower on my priority list. So I dug a little, and RPFT isn't showing up on HWM because I don't even know. This is what SpeedFan returned on scan:


ProbeSCSI: WARNING: hard disk skipped because of invalid returned LogSense data
Found SCSI drive RPFTJ128PDD2EWX (128.0GB)




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Re: Ideapad 330 17ICH SSD Running Hot

2018-09-12, 14:27 PM

SCSI sounds like some 128GB SD card or similar.


Re: Ideapad 330 17ICH SSD Running Hot

2018-09-12, 14:35 PM

This laptop is really getting on my nerves (and I have few left). The drive is NVMe PCI-E M.2 SSD 128 GB. I was able to get a temp reading out of SmartDefrag:




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Re: Ideapad 330 17ICH SSD Running Hot

2018-09-12, 17:23 PM

NVMe M.2 SSDs have a reputation for running hot.  Allegedly, SATA M.2 SSDs run cooler, but I have no personal experience of that.  However, I suspect that your laptop works only with NVMe M.2 SSDs (most/all of the current Lenovo models are like this). 


My 700-15ISK has an NVMe M.2 SSD, and that runs hot when used as the OS drive.  Other Lenovo users have noticed similar high temperatures:




It should be the case that if your SSD becomes too hot, it will start to "throttle", i.e. the SSD's firmware will slow it down in order to reduce the generation of heat.  So your SSD should be safe, but of course you won't get the performance that you were expecting.  The current generation of NVMe SSDs really need to be attached to the copper cooling bar, to conduct the heat away to the fan, but I am not aware of any laptop that does that.


A glue-on cooler with fins that you attach to the SSD is unlikely to work because (a) it won't fit, and (b) there is insufficient space for cooling by convection to occur.  A thermal pad that sits between the SSD and the bottom casing, and presses on both, might work to conduct the heat from the SSD to the bottom casing.  If you try this, let us know if it works.


-- from CyberSimian in the UK


Re: Ideapad 330 17ICH SSD Running Hot

2018-09-17, 12:42 PM

I finally ventured to remove the bottom case and took a look around. An M.2 cooler would definitely not fit, and there's surprisingly little air passage in that area around the heatsink, connected via a thermal pad and is kinda pathetic-looking. There is a ton more open space on the right side of the laptop, which would be great if there were an M.2 extension cable and I could mount it there. Why do they make this thing run so hot without adding cooling to such a critical component? Think they could have added a lot more ventilation to this thing, especially on the sides.



Re: Ideapad 330 17ICH SSD Running Hot

2018-11-19, 0:45 AM

I finally got annoyed enough to remove the M.2 and swapped in a SATAIII SSD from my other laptop, which runs at 24-28 °C. Now I need to figure out the CPU heat situation, but that's another thread.


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Re: Ideapad 330 17ICH SSD Running Hot

2019-03-05, 8:50 AM



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