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Re:Ideapad 5 Pro 16ACH6 stuttering/freezing/unresponsive for a moment every few seconds on battery only

2021-11-15, 1:47 AM

This thread is for the Ideapad 5 Pro (16ACH6). Although the Legion has a similar (lengthy!) thread here
Latest BIOS for Ideapad is still 31st August.


I've also had issues with stutters with and brief pauses when on battery power. I did a fresh install when I first got the laptop and had these issues. 
I had re-installed with official drivers from the website, and also tried via the Vantage App.


Then when I rolled back to the original supplied OS it seemed fine. I then even tried to reverse the drivers from there to apply to the new install but still had issues.


Eventually on a fresh install and Vantage App it worked. Not sure what it was - sounds silly but perhaps the order of applying drivers might be important?

Also on one occasion I got it working, I then updated to latest Nvidia and AMD drivers and it returned. So perhaps it is a conflict with the way those drivers work.


Either way after a lot of playing around uninstalling/reinstalling/reformatting drivers it seemed to work with the original AMD/Nvidia drivers from March 2021. I'm too scared to update any drivers at all in case the issue returns. That and it only happens for me on battery, so I suspect it is also some power management thing.


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Re:Ideapad 5 Pro 16ACH6 stuttering/freezing/unresponsive for a moment every few seconds on battery only

2021-11-25, 10:19 AM

Hey guys.

I bought Ideapad 5 Pro 16ACH6 too and looks like the issues with sound crackling when the PC works on battery, is there regardless the clean install of Windows or the installation what comes with a notebook from Lenovo.

At the moment, i have made two conclusions from a past two days of research I have made.

1. The problem with a Mediatek WiFi 6 card. The ASUS Zephyr notebook users on internet complains too about sound crackling with this WLAN card on their notebooks. I have ordered an Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 vPro (the one, what is whitelisted on a Lenovo compatible parts list https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/5-series/ideapad-5-pro-16ach6/82l5/parts/display/compatible) from a local dealership. And will try to change it when it will arrive (after a week or so). But at the moment, to made a test how this WiFi card makes impact on sound crackling, You even don't need to remove the card from the laptop. Just uninstall the drivers via device manager and tick the "remove driver package" checkbox (download it before this from Lenovo site, to have a copy to install). Reboot the laptop and try to play the music file from a SSD drive, try to use a laptop from a battery at the same. Try to open some programs and... You will notice, what the crackling stayed, but now it is not so annoying and strong. That's there the second part comes to play.

2. Nvidia GeForce 1650. The crackling remains if you try to open Nvidia panel, or Radeon panel. Even try to reopen the same application at the same time. There is no difference if the driver is used from Lenovo or Nvidia/AMD site. The crackling will be here. If You'll try to uninstall the VGA driver same as for WiFi card, then there will be no crackling at all. I think it's something about switching between AMD and Nvidia cards, when you try to use applications for one or another card management or even VGA usage. So what I have done? Because I have bought this laptop not for gaming, but for music production/DJ'ing, I just disabled Nvidia card from BIOS and removed the Nvidia drivers at all. Leaved with Vega VGA. Of course after after WLAN installation, without the Nvidia VGA card, the cracling returned. :(

In conclusion, without Nvida VGA and without WiFi card, the PC works fine from battery. There is no crackling. Will wait for an Intel WLAN adapter, try to change it and will report about the issues. BTW - there is no difference if it is Windows 10 or 11. The crackling is here if where is this WLAN card + Nvidia card enabled.



Here You will find a newer version of drivers for Mediatek WLAN, what fixes the issues with crackling.


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