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Re:Ideapad 720S-14IKB fan noise/cycling

2020-05-30, 22:59 PM

Can anyone share Notebook FanControl profile for 720S 14IKB with the latest BIOS version? I cannot use any default profile in NBFC for my laptop and the fan noise is pretty devastating for me working in a quiet office.


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Re:Ideapad 720S-14IKB fan noise/cycling

2020-06-25, 17:46 PM



I also replaced the thermal paste in my 720s and undervolted.  


Replacing the thermal paste wasnt too hard although you should get help if you have two left hands, otherwise it can be done by most people I guess.


The results are AMAZING! Doing light stuff light browsing the web, watching videos, etc. now never causes my fan to spin and the temperatures are certainly a few degrees celcius lower.  


I used Throttlestop for undervolting with this guide: https://www.ultrabookreview.com/31385-the-throttlestop-guide/


This made everything better. I also used this guide to get a better battery life: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/guide-improving-battery-life-on-windows-enabling-deeper-c-states.815602/


Currently my RAM is still broken. I can use the laptop but it often has weird bluescreens, some programs dont work. For now I have undervolted by 80mV which apparently isnt that much. I will now replace my RAM and then keep on testing.  


Good luck everybody, undervolting is really worth it


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Re:Ideapad 720S-14IKB fan noise/cycling

2020-06-25, 18:02 PM

Be aware that Intel have disabled undervolting in microcode they've been shipping this year, so if we get another BIOS update undervolting will likely be no longer possible - this has happened to my work provided Dell laptop in the past few months :-(

I've undervolted -125mV for CPU & cache (I've pushed it to -140mV and been stable, but I'm being ultra cautious!), -60mV for everything else and it's been super stable, of course YMMV. 

I find that setting the long turbo to 17W max allows me to play games maxing out the CPU & GPU without hitting the CPU's thermal limit (100 deg C), this is with the GPU overclocked at 250/500 (memory). 


Has anyone managed to find access to the advanced settings in the BIOS?  I've tried a few key combos from youtube & forums without success.


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Re:Ideapad 720S-14IKB fan noise/cycling

2020-10-08, 21:22 PM

Is there anyone experiencing complete freeze on Windows with BIOS V2.17 and ThrottleStop undervolting? 


Actually, I was OK with V2.18 and ThrottleStop. However, I decided to downgrade BIOS since I started to get Code 43 error for my 940MX GPU. After restaring for the first time, windows freezes in a couple of seconds. I am not able to make any actions except shutting down by using power button.


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Re:Ideapad 720S-14IKB fan noise/cycling

2021-01-21, 11:01 AM



For me, just replacing the thermal paste made an enormous difference. Chip temperatures around 45C under moderate load instead of 60C. None to little fan noise under moderate load (thunderbird, chrome with 20 tabs open including several large and complex google sheets). Hope this works for the rest of you! 

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