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Media auto play/pause in every app, browser - Lenovo Ideapad 330

2020-09-14, 13:48 PM


I have a Lenovo Ideapad 330. For past few days, I am experiencing a weird issue. Whenever I play a media (song or video), it keeps on play or pause on loop. It happens on every app VLC, Windows or even Chrome browser. It feels like spacebar key is stuck. Also I have noticed that I need to press space key forcefully to have a effect.


I updated the keyboard driver but nothing happened.  I have tried to record a video while the  issue was reproduced. Please see the video, how the media is keep on play pause


Finally I have disabled the laptop keyboard and using an external keyboard instead. Can someone really help me on this?


Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rCdB4j99pYxsFLbYJRNhirSxf4dfWSze/view?usp=sharing


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Re:Media auto play/pause in every app, browser - Lenovo Ideapad 330

2020-09-18, 15:11 PM

There could be hardware issues, however a more common problem is too many cookies/javascript adverti**bleep**ts and trackers active.


My suggestions are to perform system disk cleanup.  This is a Windows program.   Erase as much as you can.  Be careful if you have paid for services, don't erase those payment keys.

Then completely uninstall and remove all but 2 of your web browsers. Be careful NOT to erase payment keys.

Go into each of the remaining web browsers and perform cleanup of history, cookies, and everything "from the beginning of time."


Then perform antivirus scan,

Then use the mouse and perform Windows power menu SHUTDOWN command.  (If it suggests install updates and shut down, select that option. Some updates can take hours and hours to complete.)


After it looks like it is off, wait at least 15 minutes to be sure all background updating is completed.


Then restart, and test performance.  Check windows update, if your system has more than 5 items stacked up waiting for install, that might explain media stuttering.  More and more system resources are devoted to background upgrade installations, so foreground tasks then degrade.  Enforce this updating completes, sometimes this can take hours and hours.


Regarding Windows disk management utilities, de-frag might or might not damage a SSD.  If you have SSD only defrag once a year or so if ever.





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Media auto play/pause in every app, browser - Lenovo Ideapad 330

2020-10-21, 8:03 AM
Hi, I am also facing same issue with my lenovo ideapad 330 keyboard. Were you able to get the solution for it.
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