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Query on SSD Upgrade in Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB (Type 81DE) [URGENT]

2020-10-18, 3:14 AM

My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB (Type 81DE). With the help of a Support Specialist @Voithos in this forum itself, I managed to upgrade my RAM from 4 to 20GB and it definitely has a good effect on it(previous post). Thanks for that.


My laptop takes a good time to load up, at least 5 minutes. And recently, if I try to load an application, it gets into not responding for a minute. Everything before and after that will be smooth, but this not responding happens often. One more thing is that the fan has a very weird loud sound, and is almost always in the heavy work condition, don't know if there is a condition of that kind but I can always hear the loud sound of the fan. I am wondering if it is due to some extra work on it.


I have had this device for almost 2 yrs now. According to the sticker, it is an i7 8t Gen. The battery life I'm getting is something close to only 1.5hrs. From a fully charged state to the warning at 15%. And I almost always keep it plugged in since once it reaches the low-battery state the performance gets poor and a lag appears until the battery is back to a decent value.


My queries:

  1. For what all issues above will be putting an SSD and moving the operating system into it a good solution?
  2. I am actually planning to put an SSD in my system, make it have both SSD and HDD by putting one in the optical drive. Is there any preference for what to put in the optical drive? SSD or HDD.
  3. Right now, my C drive says 162GB free of 299GB, ie I'm using almost 140 GB. My plan is to buy a 240 GB SSD, would that be enough?
  4. From the Device Manager, the name of my optical drive now is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GUE0N. What should be the specifications of the caddy I should purchase? And what should be the specifications of SSD I purchase?


Looking forward to seeing a wonderful answer. I am also attaching how my TaskManager looks like.


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Re:Query on SSD Upgrade in Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB (Type 81DE) [URGENT]

2020-10-22, 16:37 PM



I have found the most reliable way to convert and add system drive storage is to make the transition in stages.   And enforce that only ONE instance of the operating system is present.  So obliterate the Windows installation from the old drive if it will be re-installed after making the new one work, as the only drive installed.


If your system has an optical drive, that will have a SATA format connector, it is easiest to purchase SSD's that also have SATA connector.  These are packaged in carriers with exact dimensional conformance to magnetic hard drives.  Check your system manual for the speed of the optical connector, it is unlikely to be SATA 3.0,  A mounting bracket converter is mandatory. Validate your new SSD specifications to be sure it will downclock to the SATA speed available.


For replacing the OEM magnetic hard drive, it is also simplest to select an SSD with the same mechanical format as the magnetic drive.  Then simply replace the mounting brackets and replaciing the new SSD where the magnetic hard drive was is simple.  1TB or more drives will install with no issues.  To find one for purchase select a reputable mfr of devices.  Use their fitment database to select yours.  I am in USA and use crucial.com.


Back up your user data from the old drive to separate external media.  Don't bother backing up the OS files.


Download Windows 10 installation iso image from Microsoft.com  Use the special software from the same webpage to write a bootable installation USB.


Validate your machine serial number is linked to your Microsoft Account.  This is NOT your Lenovo account.  Microsoft.com has ways to establish your microsoft account.  


Install the new blank SSD.  


Boot from Windows installation USB and install Windows.  With the active microsoft account information, software key activation will happen seamlessly in the background.  IF installation asks for the key, simply click past saying "I don't have key."


Restore your user files.






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