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RAM Expansion for Lenovo L340-151RH ( India )

2020-07-25, 15:23 PM



I have Lenovo Idea Pad Gaming L340-151RH model. The Product Number is 81LK00NRIN. The country of Purchase is INDIA.


I have following questions;


  1. Do this model has 4GB soldered RAM + 4 GB in slot or 8GB single DIM in slot
  2. How many memory slots are there in total on the board
  3. What is the maximum RAM that can be used on this model
  4. There is a message in Lenovo Vantage to update the BIOS. BUt I have read on forum that many users got various kinds of errors/mal-functioning after updating the BIOS. Kindly let me know is it safe to go for latest update of BIOS?
  5. There is a kind of click-noise from speakers when ever some application use the microphone. The click duration is very small but annoying. Can I get rid of this?



A Singh


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Re:RAM Expansion for Lenovo L340-151RH ( India )

2020-07-25, 17:28 PM



Your exact as built system specifications and capabilities are available on Lenovo Support website.  (If you can post a question here, you have sufficiently registered to access your system information.)


To reach the documentation for your system, click your mouse on the word "SUPPORT" at the top of this screen.   Select PC support, then Laptop support, then select your system description on the two drop down menus about the middle of the screen.  If you are using Windows OS, these buttons will have an autodetect feature embedded within them, I recommend using that feature.


At the last menu screen, type in (or better autodetect) your system serial number.  There are limited access features on the system information page, that are activated by typing in the serial number.  So don't expose that information in these forums.  If somebody else accesses those items before you do, somebody else will get what you paid for, and you will be out in the street with empty pockets.


On your system detail screen are quite a few buttons.   I recommend first validating your Warranty information by selecting Warranty.  The active date should start at the time you PURCHASED the machine, not the manufacturing date.  There is a simple form to fill out to politely update your information.   IF desired additional Warranty support can be purchased.  If you have an active Warranty and want to get the support you paid for, STOP READING HERE, and use the buttons available to contact your Warranty representative.


Once you have updated Warranty and decided to continue here, select the automated Driver and BIOS system update feature.  This only works under Windows.  


Then carefully follow the instructions to download and install the various lenovo published driver updates available.  Sometimes there is a list of almost a dozen, sometimes none.   Having drivers work is best done from LENOVO update, drivers from WINDOWS update are not as reliable.  Check Windows documentation for a way to disable installing drivers from the Windows source.  Lenovo software update and Windows software update are completely separate systems, with no interconnection for compatibility.   As you mentioned, very rarely problems happen with drivers on specific systems.  Compare your system information with the problem statements, and make your decision whether or not to install the updates.   For more detail a Lenovo specific Knowledge base is available.  Review of that information is recommended.


The User guide and System Hardware Manual will have spreadsheets within them answering your questions regarding RAM.   The detail you desire for RAM should be about page 26 within the system hardware manual.  (it is on mine anyway.)


Lenovo Laptops commonly ship with some permanently soldered system RAM and then one slot for additional user replaceable RAM cards.   DDR3 and DDR4 slot formats are NOT interchangable.  Also Laptops have different physical size of the cards compared to desktops, and are also not interchangable.   The soldered in RAM for this category of laptops is very often 4GB, however yours might be different.  Read your system guides!


The system manual will have a rating for Maximum Installed RAM.  LENOVO validated these configurations for resistance to various malicious software attacks.  If you want the most security, do not exceed this recommendation.   However, most systems with 4GB soldered in RAM would require a 12GB memory card to reach the validated maximum RAM.  If you find a 12GB card available for sale, please let me know! They seem to only be available in 4GB (hard to buy new now)  8GB, (starting to get hard to find), 16 GB (Really easy to find), 32 GB ( Really easy to find, but not recommended Hopefully your system will refuse to boot after installing a 32GB card. )


Installing a 16GB card into a system with 4GB permanent size, results in 20 GB.  This configuration is most likely not specifically validated for your system, but I have yet to see someone enter a warning saying it doesn't work.  However a tried and trued path for malicious software infection is to find a way to place the initial code in some undocumented available RAM space.... 


Buy the RAM from a reputable source that will refund your money if it doesn't work.  (Lenovo PARTS, Encompass Parts are reputable.  Most of the RAM suppliers online are also reputable.  Select a configuration the RAM supplier promises will work for your system, they have databases for that upon their online store pages. 


In the past it was difficult to configure a system with a field of non-homogenous ram chips.  They all had to be exactly the same specifications.  These laptops will tolerate some mismatch.  So I have mentioned physical format, and available GB.  The other number is clock speed of the RAM chips.  My opinion is the RAM installed will downclock to the slowest installed chips which are most likely the soldered ones.  So don't pay a lot extra for the bigger frequency number.   There is also a feature called dual mode memory access.  Exceeding the maximum rated ram, may slow the system down to single mode memory access, or not. It depends on your serial number, check your system documentation and the Knowledge Base. 


Best Regards







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RAM Expansion for Lenovo L340-151RH ( India )

2020-07-29, 22:42 PM
1. Has one 8gb ram slot 2. only 1 slot 3. 16gb , I update with a Crucial 16gb 4. I updated the bios and no problems 5. -
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