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120s - 81a4 Black screen on reload/wont install windows

Hi all ..  I think my machine picked up a bad graphics driver( not real sure -- it was a update though) , it started BSOD'ing then eventually would only run for a few minutes.  To make a long story short, I decided to just reload it.  The onboard system reset would fail with a black screen and no response after several phases and two restarts.  So I downloaded a Levovo boot media for my PC and still no go.  It makes it thru about %90 of the relaod process, reboots after a cleanup script runs, then gets stuck at a black screen  ( no curser, ctl-alt-del doesnt work ..  nada, deader than a doornail)   Im forced to reset at that point.. then the next next boot never fully loads windows.  I get a error message "the computer restarted unexpectedly ...   restart the computer and restart the installation".


I've tried mutilple install/fix processes .. but nothing works.   Anyone else seeing this ?   Any ideas ?  

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