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2013 lenovo Flex 15 Bios/Cmos reset.. FIX or should I just quit hoping??

Hello every1...  


Forgive me it this is redundant or has be resolved...  I've only been to every Bios/cmos site and to Lenovo support for the past 2yrs...  this will prolly be my last effort for a resolution to this issue... 


1st I have a lenovo Flex 15 (legally purchased) from Frys Elec Dec 2013..  I the time I really wanted a HP w/ rom dvd drive but, looking at my options I choose the Flex 15.. Little did I know the purchase did not come with a recovery disc... I thought to myself Im sure they (Lenovo) has a installed recovery options...


6mon later I get sent (linux) melicous / malware code that corrupts my SDD and OS as a whole..  I have no way to purge this soo I buy a new WD laptop HDD and reinstall..  everything is cool but I cant access my Bios/Cmos... Im thinking WHY?!?!?!  this is crazy..  I still have my warranty but Frys cant repair b/c it's NOT hardware.. it LENOVO software...  I call LENOVO... they tell me that I have to buy $89.00 2 disc recovery option to fix... O_O!?!? the hell with that...  long story short... I've managed to move on to windows 10 pro..  w/out the access to my bio/cmos...  YAY...


fast forward to NOW...  I just read on the that I can now make my own recovery dis.

. :


I've already spent 20 to 30 hrs just in google searches trying to find a solution..  not to mention the days reboots and diff..  tricks just to get access to a program that should've been MINE after purchase..  


I've been on your discussion site for 3hr today looking for a solution to this...  even if I have to downgrade back to windows 8 home...  gain access to CMOS/Bios...  then upgrade back to win10....  


FINALLY my question...  from what I've read, unless I have Bios/Cmos control...  using the one Key recovery wont work anyway b/c Imy locked into UFEI-bootable usb...   so is this a catch 22... in so far as creating this recovery disc only for it not to work due to the veryt issue Im trying to resolve..??  


sorry for the long message.. but If I'd known the (for what ever reason) a OEM MFR would sell a product that had such a GLARING issue Id never would've bought this laptop...    I've learn to work fine w/out it...  It just the principle of not having full control.. of you laptop...   after spending 1100 bucks...


thanks in advance..  I apologize if I sound put off...






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