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700-15ISK - Windows 10 EFI usb power off issue

Hi there i just buy my Lenovo ideapad 700-15ISK laptop and i have big problem. So i`ll start from the begging


Wanted result  Windows 10 installed in EFI boot mode in bios

First i setup boot mode in bios to be EFI

And here start my problem, so i have 2 windows(x64 isos) on another pc one is under the 4gb and the other is above 4 gb.

Problem :

Note : i tried so many programs(without success) to make bootable usb but lets say that we`ll stick to the rufus because everywhere in internet uses this program to achieve my goal in usb3 port. 

So if i try to make EFI usb within windows above 4GB, the usb file system must be something else then fat32(it is not possible fat32 to handle files bigger than 4 gb and rufus don`t allow me to start).

With rufus version above 1.8 it is possible to make "GPT partition scheme for UEFI" with file system NTFS so i made it, but after i tried on the laptop, it appear this menu with available device on the pc and when try to use the usb drive nothing happens it returns me on the same menu to select the device that i want.

So i tried to do the usb how it is ment to be "GPT partition scheme for UEFI" with fat32 file system with my windows that is under 4gb, and after that i tried on the laptop, and here the different is that this menu with available devices doesn`t appear and directly i recieve this screen which is a think is the backround of the windows, and after that my pc is shutted down. So any suggestion what to do :?


Note: if i change boot mode to be on legacy mode i`m able to boot via usb, but then when i`m trying to install Ubuntu i have another issue, because Windows is installed on legacy mode and ubuntu tries to install on EFI mode but i think if i`m able to install windows under the efi mode this error will desappear


Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


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Re: 700-15ISK - Windows 10 EFI usb power off issue

Hello and welcome,


I can't speak to the power-off issue, but here are a couple of things you could try to get the installer working:


1. Use the Microsoft download and tool:


2. Build your UEFI install media by hand:  Format a flash drive FAT32 (Diskpart in an elevated command window: list disk, select disk (the flash drive!), clean, create partition primary, format fs=fat32 quick, assign.  Then use something like 7zip to extract the contents of an ISO (yours or the MS one) to the flash drive.  Boot it in UEFI mode.


The size of the ISO shouldn't matter in the above or with Rufus since you're extracting the contents, not copying the ISO.


BTW it should be possible to install Linux in legacy mode if you end up going that way, but an EFI install of both shouldn't be a problem.


Also, going on your statement that you want to install Windows 10.  Windows 7 is a different issue entirely...



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