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Adding extra HDD on IdeaPad 330-15IKB 81DE




I want to add an extra HDD on my laptop (SATA3, 2.5 inch, 7mm thick) and I'm not sure if I understood from the Hardware Maintenance Manual which parts I should order.


Right now I have a dummy plastic part instead of an optic drive, picture bellow (it's a little more blue in reality):


I believe this is part:

DUMMY ODD L81DC MN BU - 5M20R16682


From what I understand from the manual, in order to put a HDD I need these parts:

1) DUMMYODDFor2ndHDD L81DC MN BU - 5M20R16522

This seems to just be the same dummy with extra things to better hold a HDD, is this correct? Can't I just use my current dummy?


2) ODD BOARD NSB241 L80XL - 5C50N86565

What is this used for? I think this is just for the internal HDD but I wanted to ask anyway to be sure.


3) HDD BOARD FOR 2ND HDD L80U7 - 5C50L67280

An adaptor from HDD connector to ODD connector, I think this is mandatory.



OR... could I combine a caddy, for example this one with these parts?

ODD BRACKET L80SL - 5B40L35764

ODD Bezel L81DC MN BU - 5B30R16536


Also, where could I order these parts from?


Thank you!

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