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Anyone get dual 4k @ 60Hz working with a 720s?

I've been trying to get a dual screen system with two 4k @ 60Hz external displays with no luck.  I know this works on other systems with Thunderbolt 3, but does not appear to work on the 720s.


I am trying to use a Kensington SD5200T thunderbolt 3 dock.  It has one display connected via the DisplayPort and the other display connected via a USB-C to DisplayPort cable.  Only one display will work at a time.  I know all the cables work as I can get 4k @ 60Hz one display at a time.  I've also changed out all the cables (except the lightning cable from the PC to the dock) with no luck.


I suspect that the issue is with the Thunderbolt driver that Lenovo provides, which has an NVM firmware version of 8.00, while the latest NVM version from Intel is 33.0.  Research of similar docks to the one that I have state they require at least NVM version 16.0 in order to function completely.


While I suspect the above issue will cause my dock not to function until Lenovo updates their drivers, I'm curious if anyone has found another way to get two 4k displays at 30Hz or 60Hz running with the 720s?



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