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BIG problem PLEASE help Lenovo Ideapad 500, Hardware problem? Graphics? Less than week old laptop

Hello all


I recently bought this laptop less than a week ago and have been having issues since the start.


My problem is the switchable graphics. My pc specs are:

Windows 10 64 bit

i5 6200-U 

12gb ram

2tb hdd

intel hd 520

2gb radeon r7 m360


Now no matter what i do wheever i run a game it is using the intel hd 520 graphics instead of my dedicated. I have tried the following to resolve the issue:

-Removed both the intel and amd drivers, (using DDU in safe mode afterwards to clean left overs) and then re installed both of them (the intel ones first) using the latest drivers from both the intel and AMD website.

-I have changed the intel hd 520 power settings and the AMD ones. I have set it to axiise performance etc. I have also added all the launcher and ,exe files to use high performance in the AMD settings, I have the used various software (HWmonitor, gu-z, cpu-z) to monitor both the dedicated card and the intels card temperature and work load. I also use AMD monitor, and turn monitoring on in the AMD settings,Whenever i load a game and check the load, it ONLY the intel card working, and even though i have added the games to the AMD settings they do not show up in the monitoring section.

- I have then read online that AMD and intel do not necessarily include "switchable" graphics in their driver updates and to use the ones on Lenovos webiste. So i have uninstalled them again (again using DDU) and then installed the drivers (intel and AMD VGA drivers), updted bios, and chipset drivers all from the Lenovo ideapad 500 drivers page.

- I have booted into bios and checked that "switchable" graphics is enabled.


The only thing i can think of is using th "Leshcatlabs" driver, although i dont think it is compatable with the 520 or the 6th generation processor so im skeptical to try that. But i heard it adds some sort of "fixed" mode to the bios so that it akes your system use the dedicated card only


Or coud this be a hardware fault? dodgy graphics card? motherboard? As said i havent even had the laptop for a week yet and when i put my serial number in on the lenovo website to get the drivers, it did state i had warranty until 2017.


I am rather annoyed as i have just shelled out £550 for this laptop and havent been able to play any games i want. Luckily i can run football manager, but i do want to play my other games.


I have no idea what to suggest, Im kind of regretting going for "Lenovo" as a brand (first time buyer), Im really wishing i stuck to my guns spent a little bit more and went with someone more reputable.


I hope someone can suggest something to help


thanks in advace

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Re: BIG problem PLEASE help Lenovo Ideapad 500, Hardware problem? Graphics? Less than week old lapto

I have the same problem. When I type dxdiag in run command. The display section says that the working card is Intel. And in the render section says the working card is AMD, it also says that AMD is rednder-only card. I guess it's a trap, we lost our money, pal. We can't do anything. 



I also have problems with the camera drivers. Since my Ideapad is 32 bit and on the site, the drivers are only 64 bit. So it doesn't work when I download them. 



I hope someone can help us. 

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