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What's DOS?
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BIOS Update Issue

am trying to update my bios but its not getting updated what to do



Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.


What's DOS?
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Re: BIOS Update Issue

I got the same problem while trying the BIOS update to Lenovo Ltd. - Firmware - 11/16/2017 12:00:00 AM -

After rebooting I still geht the message that another reboot is necessary.

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Re: BIOS Update Issue

I just recently updated by new Lenovo Ideapad 320's BIOS as well. Everything worked fine. Try downloading the new BIOS instead from the official Lenovo support site, not the Lenovo Vantage. It might work.


@tipi Then try to reboot it again? It's rare for instances like that but try another go.

What's DOS?
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Re: BIOS Update Issue

Yeah, I tried the workaround through the Lenovo System Update Tool and after a few approaches it worked somehow. Not quite sure what was the real issue here. But thanks for your help anyway

Paper Tape
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Re: BIOS Update Issue

My solution:
1. Download BIOS update from Lenova website.
2. Click to install.
3. Go to installation folder. In my case C:\BIOS\4QCN49WW
4. Use 7z to extract files from 4QCN49WW.exe
5. Open folder and run H2OFFT-Wx64.exe
6. Plug-in AC power and run update.

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