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Battery Not Charging on Flex 3

2017-02-01, 8:22 AM

My laptop will not charge,however; it does blink (white light) when plugged in. 


Re: Battery Not Charging on Flex 3

2017-02-01, 8:36 AM
When I do start it up, the battery constantly changes from charging to not charging.

Re: Battery Not Charging on Flex 3

2017-02-02, 1:38 AM

The laptop is charging as of now, sort of.... I am stuck at 23%, and it will not drain as long as I have it charging.


Re: Battery Not Charging on Flex 3

2017-02-02, 6:03 AM

Now it is stuck at 3 after i flushed the battery. My power button is jammed so a reset is not possible. The battery is in good condition according to the lenovo app.


Re: Battery Not Charging on Flex 3

2017-02-04, 1:03 AM
Laptop is completely dead now, won't turn on even with charger plugged in

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Re: Battery Not Charging on Flex 3

2017-02-07, 3:35 AM

Did you find a solution to this? 

My laptop had the same problem and first I thought it was the charger that had crapped out. I ordered a new charger but still having the same issue. The latop either shows it is charging and doesn't charge at all or charging appears for a moment and dissappears and keeps on repeating.


Re: Flex 3 - Plugged in, charging. Yet it is not charging

2017-02-22, 8:47 AM

My flex 1580 is having issues again..... 

The battery percentage will not go up even when it is plugged in. It's been almost a month now and every "fix" I tried did not work.

1) new charger/no

2)new battery/no

3) battery flush/no

4)Microsoft acpi/no

5) factory reset/no

6) BIOS update/ I can't my battery is at 0%

7) factory reset/caused more problems

Now the laptop is extremely slow when loading windows files, and it blacks out frequently (a know issue that got fixed with a BIOS update, but I can't anymore). I haven't been able to work on my laptop at all, and been resorting to my phone.

Any other tips? Only had this laptop for 1 1/2 years and I'm supprised it's having issues. 


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Re: Flex 3 - Plugged in, charging. Yet it is not charging

2017-02-22, 22:20 PM

The mods can keep merging all the threads on this issue but can't offer a solution. They could at least acknowledge that a large number of people are all having this problem and that a fix in the works. I have been trying every day for 3 months to find a solution to this issue to no avail.


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Re: Flex 3 - Plugged in, charging. Yet it is not charging

2017-02-23, 10:32 AM

Hi there, Tripledave                -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


Do this test -


1) Switch off the laptop.

2) Disconnect power supply. Keep the battery connected.

3) Try to Turn ON the laptop.


If the laptop does not turn ON, the battery is faulty.


Also, Try turning the laptop off, removing the battery, unplug the AC adapter, press and hold the power button for thirty seconds, install the battery back into the laptop but don't connect the power cable and try to start the laptop on battery power. 

Make sure when you are plugging the cord in for the laptop that you plug it in the normal orientation as if it still had the grounding plug so you don't reverse the polarity of the socket. I don't think it should affect anything, but it's probably better to just keep it plugged in correctly.


Update us how it goes.







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Re: Flex 3 - Plugged in, charging. Yet it is not charging

2017-03-01, 2:47 AM

I got the same problem a week ago. My laptop is about a year old. Nothing is helping (new charger or power socket).

It boots up fully on battery alone. Keeping plugged does not charge or drain battery. I tried disconnecting battery and holding power button....

Now what?

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