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Battery life at 2% upon waking

Hello, I recently purchased an ideapad 320. I'll have in on the charger, and it will at 100% when I unplug it and close the screen. When I open it up the next day, the battery will already be down to 2%.


Has any one else had this problem? Any ideas as to whether the battery is bad or not, or how to fix if not a bad battery?

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Re: Battery life at 2% upon waking

It sounds to me like your laptop is not hibernating. 


Normally when you close the lid the system goes into Sleep Mode, which powers the system most of the way off, but maintains enough power to keep the current State of the system (all programs and data open when you closed the lid) in RAM, which allows it to resume when you wake it back up to the same state it was in when you closed the lid.   


Normally on a laptop; after a period of time the system will go from Sleep Mode to Hibernation Mode, where it copies the State data stored in RAM to the HDD in a file called Hiberfil.sys (a hidden system file) and powers completely off, but if that does not happen, you system remains on and it will drain the battery.


A simple test would be to just Right-click Start >> Shutdown or Sign off >> Shutdown and power off the system completely, and see if the battery remains charged overnight, and if so, then most likel it is not hibernating. 


If you are going to unplug your laptop when not in use, you would be better off to either close all programs and files, and shut it down (Right-click Start >> Shutdown or Sign off >> Shutdown) , or put it into Hibernation (Right-click Start >> Shutdown or Sign off >> Hibernate) rather than just close the lid.     Doing so not only ensures you will not lose data if files are left open, but if you stuff it into a laptop bag, it also ensures that it will not get too hot.     


If Hibernate is not listed as a Shutdown or Sign Off option, then it may have been disabled, and needs to be re-enabled.


How to Enable Hibernation



  • Right-Click on Start  and select either Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin)  (it varies depending on whether you are on Windows 8.1 and how Windows 10 is configured)
  • Select Yes at the User Account Control prompt
  • Type:  powercfg /h on   and press Enter
  • Right-click on Start, select Shutdown or Sign off and see if Hibernate is now an option.


If still not shown as an option on the Shutdown or Sign off options, that option may be disabled in the Power Options Control Panel and need to be enabled as an option


How To Enable Hibernate as a shutdown option 


  • Right-Click Start and selct Run
  • Type:  powercfg.cpl  and press Enter
  • Select "Choose what the power buttons do" from the left column
  • If Hibernate is not already checked under Shutdown Settings, Select Change Settings that are currently unavailable and then check the box next to Hibernate.
  • Right-click on Start, select Shutdown or Sign off and see if Hibernate is now an option.


Good Luck,

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