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Battery life ideapad 100s

So I read online that the ideapad 100s can do 9 hours of web surfing!


Mine can do about 3 to 4 hours.


Do I have a dud? Should I return it?

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Re: Battery life ideapad 100s

Hi Zappp,


Welcome to Lenovo Forums,


I would suggest you to remove the static energy from the battery by doing the below steps


 Turn off the laptop >> unplug the charger >> Remove the battery >> Hold the power button for 20 seconds.

And update the BIOS from the Lenovo support site by typing the correct model number.

For the DOA(Dead on arrival) it has to be less than 30 days only than you can claim the DOA.

Hope the above information helps, Please check and let me know


Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!





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Re: Battery life ideapad 100s

Well the battery, at 100% says "5 hr 42 min".


I tested it by keeping the computer on (disabled sleep mode) and it did last about that amount of time. Now I wasn't constantly using it but the computer stayed on that whole time and I used it so websurf five or six times throughout that time period.


So it is doing what it promises, at least for the most part. I suspect that if I used the internet the entire time it would be more like 3-4 hours, but with moderate use and constantly being on it lasted the full time.


The laptop reviewer said 9 hours but that was a reviewer and not Lenovo. And the laptop itself only promises 5 hours 42 minutes, but again, that's not the Lenovo answer, but rather is the automated battery prediction generated by the computer.



Lenovo says 7 hours and has a section that says the length of battery life will vary based on many factors.


So, with that in mind, if I am getting nearly six hours out of it with low to moderate use, do I need to take it back (had it less than two weeks) and exchange it for another or should I just keep this one because that's almost the correct battery life?



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Re: Battery life ideapad 100s

Okay, update:


with battery saver on and power saver setting on, and with the screen set to never shut off and the pc to never go into sleep mode, my ideapad 100s lasted for exactly seven hours (which is what Lenovo says it should be able to do).


This was with maybe an hour and a half or so of actual usage, spread out throughout the entire time. I used it to websurf a bit here and there for five minutes at a time or so and maybe for twenty or thirty minutes at one point.


 That reveiwer on the web who got 9 hours of websurfing must have had some kind of magic ideapad 100s because that is out of the range that Lenovo predicts and, it would seem, even a standard ideapad 100s (I'm assuming like mine) could not do 9 hours, or even 7 hours, of constant websurfing.


When just sitting, the battery life prediction goes up, when actually being used to surf the web it drops significantly, but comes up again when it sits idle again. So I imagine that constant websurfing would be more in the four to five hour range and the 7 hour battery life is more like the kind of usage I wrote about above (but no less, because when shut off completely and/or in sleep mode for periods and only used sporadically the battery lasts for more than 24 hours).


Does this sound like what it's supposed to do? Do I have a standard, good functioning battery?

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