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What's DOS?
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Beeping from hard drive and wont boot up

I am new here so apologise if this is in the wrong post


Everyone I turn my laptop on there is a continuous beep over and over for about 2 minutes nothing loading up and no Lenovo logo after this period the beeping stops I just end up at the Bios menu 


No matter what boot up option I pick I end up at the Bios menu however I did notice when I remove the hard drive there is no beeping? so I tried using a flash drive to look for errors but no luck yet 


I have a Lenovo Flex 2-14 


Moderator note: post moved to Flex forum.

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Re: Beeping from hard drive and wont boot up

If this hasn't happened before, your hard drive might be busted or you may have corrupted windows files. You should try factory reseting your computer from the onekey recovery button if available. Otherwise, you may have to try and connect the HDD to another computer and format it, then reinstall windows. Worse case is that the drive is actually busted and you have to replace it all together. If you haven't already, try removing the charger and battery, then click on the power button for 1 minute, then plug it back into power and see if it'll boot properly.

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Re: Beeping from hard drive and wont boot up

I don't think that it is a HDD failure or windows files are corrupted if that poor guy doesn't see even the lenovo logo. However in the best case the hard drive is totally broken and in the worst case, the motherboard stopped running properly. I hope it is a hard drive failure. Try put some other hard disk if you have one.
What's DOS?
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Re: Beeping from hard drive and wont boot up

If your hard drive is beeping or clicking this is the hard drives way of saying its failing.The beeping or clicking usually if not alwways is an issue with the heads.Unless you know how to due complex recoverys its best to bring it to a data recovery specialist.Here is a good blog about beeping hard drives.


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