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Edge 2 1580 Solid State Drive SSD

Hello - I'm tired of sluggish performance when booting/waking up, and think replacing the unimpressive hard drive with a SSD will help.


Does anyone have any tips or advice for how to best install an SSD, including what size/type i'll need to buy and how to best install it?



Token Ring
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Re: Edge 2 1580 Solid State Drive SSD

Get the right size SSD. Since it's using a mechanical HDD it's 2.5" SATA SSD you'll need. You should however check whether an ordinary 7mm SSD fit or you need to hunt for a 5mm (they're rare).

As for SSD size... Boo. 120 GB is fine for normal office use but it depends on how many data you want to bring along, convinience etc. Go for a 240-256 GB I think they're the sweet spot right now for price/size. But  hey even 480-512 isn't that expensive these days.


As for what brand/model. Boo again it depends on your requirements. But hey even the slowest will be way faster than your HDD.

If you want to have the restore partition on it chose a brand which has a clone tool on their website (which of course only works to clone to their device). Put in the SSD in a USB enclosure and clone your HDD onto SSD if you want to have the restore partition as it's a bit special to clone. Or you can also pay for the full version of Acronis True Image but it's rather expensive (although fantastic tool)


If you want a clean install you're more free without it cost extra for special tools. Just download a windows image creator tool from Microsoft.

If machine is boprn with Win8 you need to download win8 tool even if you want 10 as you have to install 8 then upgrade to 10 - as the key stored in BIOS is for windows 8 then

Easier if machine is born with 10 then just download tool for 10.

Put in SSD and boot from the USB stick to have it do a clean install of Win to your fresh SSD. Afterwards goto Lenovos site to download drivers which windows don't find on it's own.


There's many nice SSD's. Read some reviews and make your own mind. However just remember performance difference in real life isn't as noticeable as review might make impress of - and they're all way faster then your old fashioned HDD.

Probaly personally I'd go for a Samsung 850 EVO but Trendscend MTS seems very nice too with it's auto refresh and very high endurance. But hey for a 2nd SSD in a machine which take two I bought a Toshiba Q300 as a local shop had it as bait to get people in shop. It's fine too although lacking some more advanced features and endurance somewhat lower especially at large writes (but more than enough for ordinary people and price I paid was also very low).


So to sum up. Unless you know you need high endurance, the fastests speeds, the most space etc. Then you most likely do not. Then you don't go wrong practically which one you choose.

Paper Tape
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Re: Edge 2 1580 Solid State Drive SSD

240GB Samsung 850 EVO is what I installed in mine and it is night and day with the performance. Best Buy has them in stock typically (and can install it if you don't want to do it yourself). McAllan has some good info there for installation but long story short, install the SSD, you won't regret it.
Paper Tape
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Re: Edge 2 1580 Solid State Drive SSD

I've tried the cloning process with Acronis and Macrium but I get an error message that the drive is not accessable and will not boot. I thought it might be a security issue so I disabled security and neither drive will boot.  I get the same message.  I turned security back on and the old drive will boot but new one still has the same issue.  Any recommendations to solve this problem.

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