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Faulty Display Edge 15

I have an Edge 15 laptop out of warranty as of end of 2015. This morning my display acted up by showing a purple ghostly spreadsheet in the background which was last thing I was working on.  It appears to be  burned in. Laptop was not on for long at all though. I have Windows 10, tried display drivers change with no luck. In fact during boot up the purplish haze spreadsheet and discolorization still shows when it should be just black with the word Lenovo on it prior to starting Windows 10. Trying an external monitor plugged into HDMI worked fine.  I'm guessing it is a hardware display panel issue that I need to replace and not a video card or driver issue. Any ideas?  Are replacing display panels doable or does it need to be repaired professionally?  I have replaced a panel before on an older HP laptop before.  Not sure how easy the Edge 15 is to open though. 





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Re: Faulty Display Edge 15

Welcome to the Forums Robalan.


Have you tried to update your graphic card driver?

Also, advise if you have tried to run a windows upgrade/update recently.


Update us how it goes.






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Re: Faulty Display Edge 15

This seems like a dead thread, however, I am having the same problem.


I do not use Windows, I use Ubuntu that I have installed alongside Windows. The purple overlay persists in any setting which makes me think it's a hardware problem rather than software. In fact, the first thing I see when turning on the machine is a purple-ish trace of all the windows that have been open during the last session.


Any other screen I connect to the laptop works just fine.


How it started:

I was working in the stand mode and the screen started blinking purple. It stopped for some time, but then it came back and just stayed that way. Ever since it just gets worse with every time I use my laptop.



My laptop is a little over a year old, refurbished. I dropped it once, pretty hard, but the problem appeared about 4 months after I dropped it. Never drowned or used in a humide environment.


As this is evidently a hardware problem, I would just like some information on what exactly do I replace. I checked with the official canadian parts reseller and the entire top part of the laptop would cost around $400, whereas just the screen <$100. However, will just replacing the screen actually solve the problem? That's basically my question.


Thank you very much.

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