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Few Questions about : 310-15ABR Laptop (ideapad)

So before I go off and bother help and support, I just wanted to ask and see if this is the normal way my computer should be behaving.

1) battery: so the battery on this isn't great, i'm usually plugged in and on low power mode just to try to make it though a single college lecture. Even just on a good day 100% to 5% (powersaver) and usiing just word, will only last about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Also, when running anything high demanding and the battery is lower than 40% not plugged in, the computer will always restart and give a kernal error and no other information. Luckily it has not been getting worse, but realistically I can only get 40 minutes of life on high performance out of this thing.

2) hard drive: So not a big complaint but It says it has 1Tb hard drive space, but it only ever showed I had 891Gb on C: and 25gb on Lenovo D:

not that I mind that much but I did see another complaint who said he got a small compensation when that happened to him. not that this isn't a pricy laptop to begin with and I even feel bad complaining right now when the price was so great.

3) touch pad: I might be doing something wrong but these buttons on the bottom of the touch pad are just for show to me. Other than make a loud clicking noise they literally do nothing on terms of input. I just wanted to know if they are actually buttons for the touch pad? or if I'm just insane haha 

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