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Blue Screen Again
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Flex 14D audio problem

This sounds like a return-for-hardware-replacment problem to me but I would be glad to hear other opinions. My son has an IdeaPad Flex 14D with an audio problem - all looks OK on the software/driver side bu there is no sound coming through the speakers. Sound is hoever coming through headphones whenplugged into the jack or external speakers.


What do you think?


Thanks in advance for any help.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Flex 14D audio problem

In case anyone is following this, here is the latest progress!


Laptop purchased 26/3/14, audio problem discovered 07/14.


The Flex 14D was collected for warranty repair on 15/8/14. Repair could take "up to 10 working days from the date of receipt". It apparently arrived at Medion, Lenovo's repairers (?), on 20/8/14 when an E-mail advised that "that processing may take a maximum of 15 working days".


I was then phoned by Lenovo Support asking for the BIOS password, which I apply to all the hundreds of PC's which I maintain.


On 4/9/14 I received an E-mail as follows:


Your customer number is 397994258

A cost estimate has been raised on your account due to the BIOS password being incorrect, because this is a customisation to your unit it stops the repair centre from testing the MB so this will need to be replaced with charge.

Please find attached the cost estimate of £159.13 for your repair order in Adobe`s PDF format. Another copy will be sent to you by royal mail.

Please return the completed and signed cost estimate. Our contact information can be found on the cost estimate form.

Lenovo UK



So as they can't enter the BIOS password they want to charge £159.31! If we don't agree to pay that (we don't agree!) then (if I have understood the PDF cost estimate correctly) they will charge £44.07 just to get the unrepaired laptop back!


I would happily install the new motherboard myself if I could get one and get the motherboard back... :-(


Any recommendations on how to proceed?



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