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Fanfold Paper
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Flex 2 - Mouse buttons need a fix

The following is a problem other people on here have experienced, but in most cases no solution was found and the solutions I have found on google do not apply to my case - at least not without tweaks. I am pretty sure I will need someone with extensive knowledge about drivers or the windows registry in order to ever be able to fix this myself. Unless of course Lenovo/ALPS decide to take responsibility for their hardware design.

If you can help me, thank you tons. I love every other part of my new notebook, and if imprecise mouse movement would end up screwing with my experience on it forever, that would be a pity.


The issue I have is that my/the Flex 2-15 20405 has a touch pad where the keys are part of the motion-sensitive touchpad surface. Gliding the finger over them will move the cursor. The obvious reason why this is problematic is that the cursor moving while clicking causes the clicks either to miss, or to hit something that the cursor did not originally rest on when the button was meant to be pressed. Meanwhile, the ability of moving the cursor *on my buttons* serves absolutly no purpose whatsoever to me.

[Sidenote: I think Alps aleady did their part to start making the problem less of an issue. If all gestures are deactivated, and my index finger is resting where it moved the cursor, then I can use my thumb to press the buttons without causing any movement, because the finger above the keys takes priority in controlling the cursor. That is pretty nifty. But use your touchpad and try to right-click while letting your index finger remain on the keyboard, and then putting your thumb back to the left key. The movement is really uncomfortable, and keeping the index finger still during that odd motion is just as hard as pressing the mouse button without moving the cursor. The movement is so awkwark, it takes me two seconds to execute. So the problem just shifts fingers, if you try to adapt to that system.]


Now, as I have mentioned, this problem is well-known, and some people I believe have been able to fix the issue on their Lenovos/HPs/Asuss with their native Synaptics drivers, because the Synaptics settings just generally allow to limit the area on the trackpad that is sensitive to motion. However, my notebook is not equipped with a Synaptics touchpad. My touchpad is from Alps. And the only functionality the Alps driver settings have is switching all the additional gesture-features on/off, or turning the full touchpad on/off for people who only use the touch-screen. And there are some minor sensitivity force settings.

None of these options work to get rid of the sensitivity on the buttons.


As for the obligatory question:

- Yes, I have uninstalled the current recommended Alps driver, and reinstalled it from the Lenovo recommended drivers page, via device manager, and then through Windows 10 Update. No drivers solve my issue.
What is interesting is that I cannot download the Alps driver appropriate for my Haswell i5-4210U from the Lenovo page. It is listed, but the folder in the file hosted for Haswell only includes Synaptics and ELAN drivers. No ALPS.


The solutions I hope someone could help me pinpoint on how to apply [and have myself already spent many hours trying to research in forums and the registry] are either of these:
+ Can I somehow force Windows 10 to accept a Synaptics driver and use it on my Alps touchpad? That would solve my problem in an instant.

+ Can I somehow code my way into the ALPS driver and find the ALPS equivalent of the Synaptics "BottomEdge" variable, and just turn off any sensitivity below there?

Some people setting up ubuntu OSs have had to do that, and apparently it pretty much worked for them. It then caused other problems so they could not stick with it, but it looks to me like those problems were particular to their touchpads and would not happen on the touchpad of a Flex 2.

The only problem is I neither know whether any of that code is remotely accessible on Windows, nor whether the variables in question would exist in the ALPS (or the native hardware) driver.


If any of you would know a positive answer to these suggestions, you would make my year. And hopefully other people's finding this thread.

Anyways, thankful for your assistance,


[PS: Please. No USB-mouse recommendations. I have a touch-display and still need my touchpad. That should tell you all you need to know to see I really need that thing.]

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎04-24-2016
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Re: Flex 2 - Mouse buttons need a fix

So, I have finally located the ALPS driver in the Registry, and none of the settings seem to indicate that my request would be possible to be fulfilled.


I also found a Synaptics driver that could be installed on my touchpad, but it basically had all gestures disabled, so access to any area-specification settings was impossible.


Guess I will be buying something to put on my keys that does not let the motion on them go through. Any ideas? Metal plates that can easily be glued on?

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