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Blue Screen Again
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Flex 2 pro sound issues

Hi all, I've recently bought a Flex 2 pro, and I'm having some problem with the sound on it.

Regularly, but with no obvious pattern, the sound goes quiet. After a moment or two it goes back to the regular volume. (Generally about the length of time it takes to turn the volume up)

I've looked at all the sound settings and a similar effect is created by turning the Dolby digital enhancement off. This leads me to think that what is failing, but I can't find any instances of that online.

I've reinstalled the sound card drivers (the most up to date ones), but that's been no help.

Any suggestions or solutions would be great fully received.


What's DOS?
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Re: Flex 2 pro sound issues

I have experienced a similar problem.

It occurs at the start of an audio clip (never while it is already playing), almost exclusively through Chrome (although I rarely play music contained on the HD through Music Player so I can't rule it out). IMO, the sound card might be encountering difficulties switching between input sources (for ex. if I switch between tabs or go from one application to another).


Symptoms: the volume stays low and the sound is somwhat distorted: the low and mid-range sounds are virtually muted out.


This last anywhere between 5 seconds and a minute, and then the sound magically becomes clear again


Attempted solutions:
In instances where the sound doesn't begin playing normally again, restarting the laptop works.
The drivers have been re-installed.





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