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Flex 3 14 - Audio Quality Issues when Switching Between Tent/Laptop/Tablet Mode


I have had my lenovo flex 3 14'' for 4 months now, with windows 10 after upgrading in september, but a huge issue is present when switching between the different styles of laptop. The Realtek driver is up-to-date and that should mean dolby digital plus is as well. 


However, the issue is as follows: dolby digital plus (gonna call it DDP here on out) has a limited interface to begin with, which is fine, except it has changed audio settings for each mode of the laptop, tablet, tent, and laptop mode. DDP decides that there should be diff settings, which is a strange program, since one constant audio setting seems fine. Tablet and Laptop mode are practically identical, high quality and nice. However, Tent mode flat out sucks. 


When i put the laptop in tent mode, ( i dont control the software, i mean physically putting it in that config) the audio quality takes a nosedive. It basically sounds as if DDP is turned off entirely. There is limited bass and mid range audio, and thats not all. If a slight breeze or change in air pressure occurs in the room, DDP decides "oh hey ill turn on bass now". any slight shift from a sweet spot (sweet spot meaning where DDP kicks in) results in terrible quality. By shift, i mean if the laptops angle of tent changes ever so slightly.


Is there a way to stop DDP from changing audio modes between tab, tent and laptop modes? Id be fine with just one. Thanks!



Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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