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What's DOS?
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Flex 3 15 has so many problems

I decided to put my laptop in my backpack, but somehow it has damaged the power button. Button will not respond at all, and I have been booting by novo. In addition, I feel like the graphics might be messed up because at random the screen just goes black(I have Intel and nvida graphics. Without the power button I have to wait until the laptop dies. Any help? I am planning to send my pc to the shop because I cannot trust lenovo anymore, and I do not have the box. Is the frozen black screen fixable?
What's DOS?
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Re: Flex 3 15 has so many problems

I have no idea what might be wrong with your screen, sorry, but I might have a solution for your power button. I was thinking a spring connecting the power button and the on switch inside of the pc might have been knocked out of place. To fix that, try wiggling the power button around in it's socket. Good Luck!

Punch Card
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Re: Flex 3 15 has so many problems

In regards to your black screen, that's an issue a buncha people are having with their Flex and Yoga 500 models. Here's the topic where people are discussing it:

There's no official fix for it but hopefully should have some answers soon

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