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Flex-3 1580 - Buy or not to buy...

Hi everyone, nice to be  a new member here.


I'm currently using a Flex-15, that has been doing OK over the last few years, aside from ghost touches early on, then the touch screen died (still using 8.1).  Thinking of getting a Flex-3  80R40011US (i7/256 SSD/M940), but many reviews seem not so kind, and I am really torn about what to do. 


I really like all of the features of the Flex-3, but reading of the black screen/shutting down issues, bad battery life, etc has me concerned.  The black screen shutting down is really a concern, even say after reading potential fixes here, and worried I will have a computer that can not be made to work properly...  Really don't want to get into a mess, right off of the bat, and can't afford to take a 15% restocking fee plus return shipping.  Is this issue over represented here, or do all owners experience this issue?  Is there an absolute 100% fix for this issue?


Also would like to know about the display quality.  I had a 17" Y700 that had a golden cast, and despite a lot of fidling and BIOS update, it could not be corrected...  I hated it to be frank, and wonder if this type of issue, and/or other display issues are found in the Flex-3, with the 15.6" display?


Thanks a lot for your help and insights, look forward to your replies.


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