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Flex 3 1580 (New) Black Screen on Boot (Solved?)

After unpacking new Flex 3 1580, on first boot, renamed PC and clicked Restart.  Black screen.  Unplugged AC, held power for 30 sec, closed lid, plugged back in, opened lid, hit power, and it boots right up.  Okay.  Hit restart again.  Black screen.  Great.  Repeated previous steps, boots right up again.


Updated all drivers, installed all Windows updates, flashed new BIOS, etc...still restarting computer causes black screen.  Did OneKey factory reset: no help.  Repeated previous fixes, no help.  Contacted Lenovo support - only offer was to mail in computer.  Now I realize anyone else would have sent it in, or returned it to the store long before now, but it was really nagging me that I couldn't figure out what was going on.


I was getting very close to returning/exchanging it when: accidental discovery! After hitting restart (for the 9000th time), I bumped the screen with my arm.  FIRST SUCCESSFUL REBOOT.  **bleep**, okay.  After additional testing: restart works (every time) in tablet mode or tent mode, and 50% of the time if lid is actively being tweaked during boot.


To summarize: something is causing it to think the lid is closed and boot to a (non-existent) external device.  Of course now that I've solved it, I think I should probably have the store replace it anyway.  Here's the question:


Is this a firmware issue on all Lenovo Flex 3 1580s, or did this one just ship with a crap lid sensor of some sort?

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