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Blue Screen Again
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Flex 3 - 1580 Not powering on

My laptop has recently been unable to power on. Initially this started with the power button falling out of place, but that issue was fixed by a successfull re-solder of the button onto the board. In the process i seem to have pulled out 2 wires out of the speaker connector dont know if this actually affects the power cycling. Now the laptop doesnt power on still. I have tried the following:


- Removing the BIOS battery, and unit battery then plugging in the AC adapter. Once i plug in the adapter the machine powers on immediately, but it never successfully starts up. The screen stays black and the machine trys to boot up but nothing even happens. This is also accompanied by the CPU fan spinning up, and then the fan turns off after about 5s.


-Have tried powering on the device with just Adapter and bios battery, yeilds no results.


-Tried a normal power on with all battries in, and adapter in. 


Basically tried everything in this link and nothing worked

What's DOS?
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Re: Flex 3 - 1580 Not powering on

Hey like many others I'm having some issues with my FLEX 3-1580. Issue: The battery originally would not charge above 7%, now it will not charge above 0%. The battery light near the power button is on, and the charger works and I even bought a new charger to test this issue.  Any one knows?  Thanks.

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