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Paper Tape
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Flex 3-1580 crashes

Dear Lenovo,


I purchased this device, Flex 3-1580, at Office Depot some time ago. At random times, it will do the following:


Video goes black; Backlight remains on. Audio will stop as well. Can't tell if any fan is running or not, nor can I tell if HDD is running. Keyboard may or may not be lit, but is unresponsive. Only way to get out of it is to hold power button until it turns off, let things clear out for ten seconds, and restart.


Here are the conditions under which, after some months of trying to reproduce the results consistently, this crash seems to happen:


a) Does it regardless of power source, be it battery or AC adapter.


b) Unit can sit on a table for hours, unused, and not crash; but it may crash - eventually (keep that in mind, it'll come in handy).


c) Unit only seems to crash when I'm writing a Word document, working an Excel worksheet, or attempting something else productive, like chatting with a Lenovo TS person to try and resolve this (which I've attempted three times, and all three times the thing has crashed mid-chat).


I've read the forums about similar problems. I've updated the BIOS to the best of my ability. Installed the new ME software. I'm not updating the video driver because as far as I can tell that's impossible at my end, and there's no way I'm reinstalling Windows 10 if I don't have to.


So let's revisit b) and c) above.


Unit can sit on a table, perhaps just watching youtube or something, and nothing happens - or might happen after some hours.


Only time the device seems to crash is when I'm doing something productive. Like when it's sitting...on my lap, like the term laptop implies.


Could all this be, at least in my case, a temperature-related problem?


Doesn't make sense. My work-issued Yoga 11e runs great (granted, I upgraded it to SSD and more RAM) without any sign of crashing, but this Flex 3-1580 can't be used for my normal home use without it locking up?


Come on, Lenovo. One good unit and one bad unit adds up to a 50% success rate, which is a failing grade the last time I checked. Please, offer me some solutions.


Time to wrap this up before it crashes.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Flex 3-1580 crashes

Go into control panel, system and security,security and maintenance,Maintenance, view reliabilty history. View the history.  This will show failure points per each day.

Yes, I can stare at my pc and it might fail whilst I am on coffee break.

Report back any trend in reliabilty history.

Paper Tape
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Re: Flex 3-1580 crashes

sclexman, thank you for the prompt suggestion. Much of Windows 10's facilities such as Reliability History are buried so deeply, I wouldn't have known where to find them.


Here are two crucial spots in Reliability History:



Let's start with the Windows critical event, which, when I click the View technical details line, shows the description that the shutdown at date/time was unexpected - probably when I held the power button. That's all the system has to say on the matter.


The one item that appears to happen consistently (that entire line of red (X)s along the Application Failures row) appears to be the Lenovo Yoga Mode Control / Stopped working item, but that appears after the shutdown and reboot.


I have been using this unit minimally until the last day or so. Now I'm determined to reproduce the results, and of course, the unit is acting stable. I'll keep experimenting.... Thanks again.

Paper Tape
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Re: Flex 3-1580 crashes

Oh, Lenovo,


A follow-up to the above.


After some attempts at fixing this unit from a software level, my Flex 3-1580 went into the shop. Cooling fan replaced, unit returned. I started testing (READ: Running CoreTemp, and doing heavy use). Didn't crash last night during the two hours between my lap and tented on the ottoman (to enhance cooling).


After a three hour session today, of which the last hour it was perched on a wire rack (again, to help cooling without actually running a cooling pad), the beast crashed again. No, I didn't see the final temp - I'd turned my back for a moment, and temps looked around 100F before that. Crashes without warning....


No recognizable cooling fan sound. Again, the only time I'd ever heard the thing kick into overdrive was when a Lenovo tech was rebooting it remotely.


The techies did what they could, both in the shop and via phone. The warranty is a week from expiring, so I am unwilling to ship it out again. Once out of warranty, I'll be removing the base and drilling additional cooling holes, under the thought that it is still a cooling issue. (BTW, didn't I see somewhere that the fans are controlled by something called Lenovo Power Manager, and Power Manager is incompatible with Windows 10? So maybe the fan isn't in fact running at all?)


So, Lenovo tech support, you tried, and I appreciate that.


I hope the manufacturer figures this out, so that future products avoid the same issue - whatever the issue is. A bit too late for this unit, though.

Paper Tape
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Re: Flex 3-1580 crashes

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