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Paper Tape
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Flex-3 1580 locks up

I am running a Flex-3 1580 with Windows 10.  I don't know if it is a hardware problem, Windows 10, problem or the combination of the two, but my system uses all of my 8GB of memory and locks up 2 to 3 times a day requiring me to force power off in order to resume processing.  Am I going to have to get more memory or is something else going on that I need to fix?  Lenovo Solution Center says that all is well with the system.

Punch Card
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Re: Flex-3 1580 locks up

Since the Flex 3, I believe, is maxed out at 8GB of RAM adding more memory isn't an option...

However I would venture to say that your problem is most likely a software issue.   Use Task Manager to isolate which program is hogging all your memory and take it from there...

Good luck,


Paper Tape
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Re: Flex-3 1580 locks up

I did that the other day and finally found after much searching, that there were some programs in the startup that were hogging memory and seemingly grabbing memory over time.  I could start the system and not start any applications and within a couple of hours it would have the memory maxed out and give a low memory message.  I removed them from startup and have not had the problem again.  Thanks for the response.

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