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Punch Card
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Flex 3 battery acting strange

I've had numerous issues with this laptop such as the plugged in not charging problem. Given that the issue has been constant i've lost hope, but recently the battery charged up to 100% again. This rules out that it could possibly being a motherboard failure becuase it charged up to 100% percent again. What makes this more intersting is that none of the "youtube solutions" seem to work (it did before since I got the charging message but it still did not charge). For example, currently my latop is at 80% (plugged in not charging) but if I decide to delete Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. My laptop will not having any charging icons untill I replug the cord to the outlet, and when I do I get the same message (replugging the chord to the socket first seems to not work)(Which means my socket is fine). The infamous charging issue for the flex 3 has been well known, but I feel like this might bring up a new discussion. 

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