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Paper Tape
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Flex 3 on-screen Caps Lock Pop-up

I hope this is in the right area...


I have been using a Lenovo Flex 3 for...about 6 months now, I think. Maybe a few more than that, but overall - you get the picture. As far as I can tell, this link details the machine I'm using.


I've taken pains to ensure that my machine is configured the way I like it - some of it was easy, some of it not so much. I've customized the coloration, put up a new background, reinstalled the Start menu because I despise Windows 8/8.1's "start screen", disabled the touch screen due to my habit of shifting position and then needing to adjust the angle of the screen...


I mean you know how it goes. All the little tweaks that really make it your machine, right?


One such tweak would be disabling this popup that shows up EVERY time I hit caps lock. I have taken a picture of it from this screen itself to show that I am still dealing with this - it is intrusive. It is unnecessary. It is, overall, infuriating to me. Link removed


In the vein of taking pains, I have taken a great many trying to find a working method for removing it. I have gone in to RegEdit, but I have no Widcomm folder under the specified directory. I have tried uninstalling Lenovo Energy Management, but I had to remove OneKey Optimizer instead, as LEM was apparently replaced with or bundled in to OKO...and doing so did not rid me of this popup - as you can see in the bottom right of my screenshot, I no longer have the Balanced Mode battery indicator, yet the popup still exists.


If I play a game in Full Screen Mode, I am sometimes jolted out of it when a mouse click coincides with the location of the popup. This can crash a game depending on how it enables fullscreen.


Every time I look in to this, I am met with the same answers, and none of them apply to me and my machine. I am tired of being given the runaround just because I am apparently the ONE PERSON who has this problem who can't solve it with existing solutions. I have looked in to RegEdit; I have removed OKO; I have looked under the Display tab settings in Control Panel; and I have checked the accessibility settings to see if it's under any of these.


None of the areas that others found solutions in exist on my machine.


I type around 130 words per minute. I hit caps lock instead of shift, just out of habit - it's not a habit I can break anytime soon, either, and honestly I would prefer not to break it if I don't have to. I just want to be able to type comfortably without this ugly distraction forcing me to constantly scroll textboxes and adjust notepad windows to the side.


This one, ugly, seemingly unremovable popup has been interfering with my day-to-day life for six-plus months.


Does anyone have any fresh ideas on how to kill this ? Because I'm at my limit.


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Re: Flex 3 on-screen Caps Lock Pop-up

Hi Rena713  , 


Welcome to the Community Forums.


Try to can cancel the pop up icon indicator of NUMLOCK and CAPSLOCK specially if the usual step did not work for you.

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to start Task Manager.

2. Switch to "Startup" tab and navigate to "Lenovo Utility". Right-click on it, select "Disable".

3. Reboot your PC. Then the indicator will not show any more. To bring it back, repeat the above steps, enable "Lenovo Utility".

Update us how it goes.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Flex 3 on-screen Caps Lock Pop-up

Disabling Lenovo Utility has - at long last - removed those popups. Thank you.

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