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Blue Screen Again
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Flex 5 1570 80xb: active pen issues

I recently purchased this notebook with intentions of using it for work and art. I have a nice desktop but hate being "chained" to my desk, so this would be my secondary/on the go solution.


The Active Pen and many reviews saying it worked with no problems with my art program of choice, Manga Studio/Clip Paint Studio, clenched it for me. Unfortunately I can not get the pen to work with the program. I've updated everything I possibly can that I can find. I even bought the wacom pen thinking maybe my lenovo pen was broken somehow. Tried new batteries in both. 


The pen pressure works in Autodesk Sketchbook, oddly enough, but I need the other to be able to work from desktop to laptop and back again. 


Is there a list of all the drivers for this specific notebook? (the website is not easy to navigate)
Are there drivers for wintab? 

Any other ideas?

I'll be looking from the other end too but I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. I'm getting a migraine and going bald, any help is appreciated.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Flex 5 1570 80xb: active pen issues

Its funny that the day I post about this problem is the day I find the solution. l guess I should have posted a week ago and saved myself the trouble. If anyone out there has the same problem look to windows and their updates that derp up all the things. Clip Studio had a very recent patch that I didn't have installed or even knew about. Getting that fixed my issue. 

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Re: Flex 5 1570 80xb: active pen issues

In regards to drivers for your laptop see below link.


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