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Fanfold Paper
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Flex 5 80XB Touch Screen And Active Pen Not Working



I just bought this laptop and updated it. Came with a pen and everything, was excited.

Touchscreen did not work what so ever. Nor does the pen. Called tech support and they said I had no software warranty and gave me a pitch on why I should buy it. Regardless, did not help.


HID compliant touch screen driver is nonexistant, and I'm assuming that's because of the Windows 10 Update, but I can't be sure. Can someone help?

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-09-2017
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Re: Flex 5 80XB Touch Screen And Active Pen Not Working

Okay, I've taken the journey into getting this repaired since I barely know anything about this, let alone repairing laptops. The last call was actually kind of sketchy; i already had warranty, came with the laptop, with 24/7 call repairs, why would I need ANOTHER warranty? Plus, there's no "software warranty" addition in the website.


There was a "solution" somewhere in the forums, but it consisted of someone going to get another laptop and resetting everything and updating everything. One. At. A. Time. In a very confusing and unorganized paragraph.

I called Lenovo again, but this time using a number through the website instead of searching google. Using the phone number from the Lenovo website, I went through a grueling number of menus for a good 30 minutes, since every option sounded the same. It began terribly; no one picked up. It also probably didn't help that it was 2 am (desparate for a solution). I gave up the call, after listening to their waiting music and going deaf in the process, until the morning.


Eventually, I finally reached a voice that wasn't a menu, and listened to my plea, and the voice took the wonderful 5 minutes of me complaining out of my mind.


Unfortunately I called the wrong number and station.


Fortunately, they referred me to the correct number, which was pretty different from the number I found on google (Albeit similiar...) and I began my call. A very kind man that listened to my struggles with this laptop, and I told him about the missing drivers, and my seemingly unfunctional pen. He gave me an order number, and gave me either the option of sending the laptop back into the mail (taking approximately) 5 business days), or go to best buy and give an order number so that they can repair my laptop for free. 

This is much better than I was expecting, he was patient, he was fast, and he had the same name as I did. He became my "hero without a cape, instead a phone". Basically, I'm asking lenovo to call google to fix their customer support number, and provide the actual repair number without making it a journey. I'm almost certain that the number I called was a scam (And I'm glad that I didn't fall for the other guy's "more warranty" thing). If you're having the same problem, please don't hesitate to call the RIGHT number. I know I got the help I needed. Will follow up on this once I send in the laptop.


REPAIR NUMBER: 877 453 6686

SCAM NUMBER: 1 866 697 9725

OTHER NUMBER I CALLED: 1 855 253 6686

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