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What's DOS?
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Re: Flex 5: Fingerprint sensor not working

I am not sure which update caused the error because both happened on the same day right after another. I ended up getting it to work today. I went to hte window's settings, then account, and finally security. I then removed my fingerprints. Afterwards, I uninstalled the driver, reinstalled it and added my fingerprints again, and it worked justt fine.

What's DOS?
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Re: Flex 5: Fingerprint sensor not working

I think i found the solution to this problem, first go to your cortana search in windows and search for troubleshoot, then go to recovery, Advanced Start up, and then Restart Now... Choose advanced options and UEFI Firmware,Restart. Once in the Bios set it to allow flash of old bios, then download a fresh copy of the latest bios. Flash it and all should be well. It fixed my error 10 and i havent had a issue since.

What's DOS?
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Re: Flex 5: Fingerprint sensor not working

Yesterday my Flex6 did not recognize my fingerprint. It said CLEAN THE SENSOR.
I cleaned it. No help.
I signed in with password and tried to reset fingerprint. It did not work.
I called Lenovo Hardware Support. TEch tried to take over remotely .. I did not allow. He then said to reset optimal defaults in BIOS .. and insisted I would not have to make the Bios changes again that I did once before. After 1/2 hr or so, he concluded that Hardware is ok, and software help needed. I did have to redo all the BIOS changes I had donewhensetting up the machine.
Software agent collecfed lots of info, serial # model # address phone email, etc etc. Then said not to worry their smart software support will help me solve the problem. after spending another 1/2 hr she finally said I need to pay $69 for this one time help - software is not covered by warranty.
I objected to this slow hard-sell behavior and told supervisor I need the corporate address to send them an invoice for wasting my time, and send shareholders a note telling them how their techs are superficially very polite and friendly, but waste their time too.
No solution found yet. I don't see any replies by Tech officers who are supposed to monitor this forum.
Have you had better service from Lenovo tech support?
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Flex 5: Fingerprint sensor not working

Have been around several technical forums up to the last year in order to find a proper solution...

Drivers install, reinstall, BIOS update, BIOS reset, enable-disable SGX etc...

However, most of them didn't work properly or did work for a few hours period.


I have spoken with lots of people that met the same issue...


I am so dissapointed ...


Lenovo technicians have NO SOLUTION  for such an issue ...



What's DOS?
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Re: Flex 5: Fingerprint sensor not working

I tried alot but anytime windows update, fingerprint is stop working. Please help

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Flex 5: Fingerprint sensor not working

Hi Ashley,


Thank you for the solution you posted. (I know it's been a loooong time!) 


So, I tried what you had said. As well as a number of solutions other users had posted - multiple driver reinstallations, stopping the device and restrating it, deleting drivers altogether and installing fresh, even recovering an older version of Windows. Nothing worked and I gave up on it. Decided to just use the laptop with a security pin and be done with it. 


Then a week back my touchscreen stopped working. And out of desperation I formatted my laptop completely (files and all included). When that didn't help either (It ultimately got resolved), came back to the forum and came across this post again and decided to try the steps you mentioned again with probably any new drivers available. 


Went to the device manager and turns out, it doesn't recognize the Biometrics drivers anymore. Instead of the earlier error codes and all, there's no Biometric device - not even in hidden or with any errors - and nothing comes up even on doing a hardware scan. Lenovo diagnostic tool shows the Fingerprint Reader grayed out and says it's not available. (Images attached)


To be frank, I have no hopes of getting the fingerprint sensor to work again. But I thought maybe I should just give it one last shot. Please let me know if you have any advice. 

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