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Flex 5 keyboard lag/delay only when playing games

I've got a pretty new flex 5 (with the i7 8550u and such) and while the keyboard is great when typing normally, when I play games it has a strange delay. Basically, sometimes I have to hold down keys for far longer than I should for it to register. Sometimes the keypresses will work just fine, sometimes it will completely ignore short keypresses, and sometimes the keys will stay down after I let go of them. It makes gaming basically impossible, it's quite bad. 


After an excessive amount of searching, here's what it ISN'T: 

- Any of the windows stickykeys or filterkeys things, those are all disabled

- The keyboard itself, since it 1: works fine when typing, and 2: still has the same issue with an external keyboard that works fine on my desktop

- Any drivers, since I made sure my keyboard and graphics drivers are up to date. 

- Lag in the game, since the games I'm playing run quite well on this laptop, and even with much lower framerates on my desktop I never have this kind of lag


Any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated!

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